David Kimani

David Kimani is a Kenyan-American Entrepreneur With a Strong Work Ethic

David Kimani inherited an exceptional work ethic from both of his parents, which enabled him to leverage this asset when starting up his food truck in America.

He enjoys doing business in Birmingham Alabama due to its vibrant food and culture scene, which makes his journey easier and more exciting.

Early Life and Education

David Kimani recalls how his parents worked tirelessly throughout his childhood to make sure he and his brother had everything they needed, instilling in them a strong work ethic that has carried through into his adult life.

He has achieved substantial wealth through hard work and has joined an exclusive club of US-based Kenyan entrepreneurs who have successfully charted their own course.

At Norwalk Grassroots Tennis & Education, he serves as Senior Tennis Director where he teaches underserved youth from Norwalk and surrounding areas how to play the game of tennis. For his efforts he received a 2016 William Freedman Award from USTA New England.

Professional Career

David Kimani was born and raised in Kenya. At 13 he began playing tennis and went on to join both the Kenyan Davis Cup team and act as tour coach.

He earned many championships both locally and overseas during his stellar tennis career, coaching both the Kenyan Junior National Team and International Tennis Federation African Junior team.

After college, he became a coach at Parklands Sports Club in Nairobi, Kenya. Working closely with both young players and coaches alike, he was later appointed coach of Kenya’s Senior Team.

Norwalk Grassroots Tennis and Education (NGTE). He provides inner city children access to USTA National Junior Team Tennis Competitions.

Achievement and Honors

At Lamar University, David Kimani quickly established himself as both scholar and leader. He served on both Honors Student Association committees as well as various leadership roles within Model United Nations Team. Furthermore, he participated in LU Lead program; an intensive leadership development course designed specifically for freshmen students.

David was a six-time National Champion and 14-time All-American as part of Alabama’s Crimson Tide track team, winning 14 All-American honors and being honored as two SEC Cross Country Athlete of the Year awards. Additionally, as a freshman at South Alabama he won an NCAA cross country title that year as well. However, leaving LU and moving to Kenya proved the greatest challenge to his career; yet David managed to make Kenya his new home successfully and continues being an agent for good both there and all over Africa!

Personal Life

David Kimani was proud of being Kenyan, growing up with strong work ethics.

He dedicated much of his life to making life comfortable for his family, providing for their needs and entertaining them with sports.

He was the son of a pastor and dedicated his life to serving others through faith-based efforts, serving as guest preacher at multiple area churches.

Sahani Restaurant Food Truck can be found in Birmingham Alabama and serves delicious dishes such as burgers, quesadillas and Philly cheesesteaks.

Net Worth

Former University of Alabama distance runner Jonathan Davis was one of the greatest distance runners ever, consistently placing in the top ten of national polls and helping lead his Crimson Tide team to second place at last year’s NCAA Indoor Championships.

His estimated net worth exceeds Sh3 billion, as he is an important shareholder of Britam Insurance Firm as well as having made known investments.

Murang’a is home to a number of billionaires, some with connections from old money while others who have made themselves immensely rich through hard work and determination.

Peter Munga would not complete our list without him as an equity bank shareholder, co-founder of HACO industries and major shareholder of Total Kenya and Nation Media Group.

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