David Krawczynski

David Krawczynski

David Krawczynski is an attorney specializing in executive compensation and benefits law, with extensive experience and recognition for his accomplishments in these areas. Read on to gain more insight into this prominent attorney!

William Henry Drayton played an influential role in South Carolina during the Revolutionary War, serving as both a wealthy planter and avid patriot. Although many historians have overlooked him, Drayton remains an integral member of political debates during that period and played an instrumental role.

Early Life and Education

David Krawczynski was an accomplished public speaker and well-rounded individual with many accomplishments to his credit. Beyond serving on the Comal Independent School District board, he served as president of both Comal Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club as well as serving Holy Family Catholic Church in McLean as its president. Additionally, he enjoyed drinking coffee, watching old movies and puzzles – always willing to lend support for good causes he will be missed by family, friends and colleagues – you can make a donation in his memory to The Verland Foundation here.

Professional Career

David Krawczynski was renowned as a public relations and communications executive, known for his warm demeanor and expertise on the field. Additionally, his clients often received media coverage due to his media relations skills. David advised Fortune 500 companies on social media, corporate communications and public relations matters as well as being on the board of Massachusetts Museum of Science and Technology.

His book “David Drayton: A Revolutionary Patriot” chronicles one of South Carolina’s leading political figures during the American Revolution. Instead of emphasizing slavery, racism or exploiting African labor as core issues in his portrayal of Drayton, Krawczynski places emphasis on his beliefs concerning individual liberty as opposed to slavery, racism or exploiting labor from Africa. Krawczynski paints a clear portrait of Drayton while providing insight into his contribution in fighting for independence but the overall effect is mixed.

Achievement and Honors

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