David Loveless

David Loveless

David Loveless is a leadership coach, pastor to pastors and strategic consultant to churches around the world. He’s also the founding Multiplying Trainer of Life Younique – an evangelical life design training company.

He is a native of Hamilton, NY with roots that run deep throughout both the town and university. Together with his wife Caron, he has three adult sons and eight grandkids; in their free time they enjoy hiking, kayaking, biking and traveling together.

Early Life and Education

David Loveless was born in 1855 in Indiana to Benjamin Christopher and Mary Jane Loveless.

After graduating from high school, he attended St. Michael’s College in Vermont.

He worked as a salesman for some time. Later, he and his wife Darcy moved to Washington, D.C.

At his second trial, Dr. Mclver was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. On appeal, he claimed that his conviction was illegal and the trial court erred by allowing Dr. Mclver – a clinical psychologist – to testify on his behalf.

Professional Career

David Loveless has served as a pastor to pastors and spiritual advisor to churches and business leaders around the world for over 50 years. As co-founder of Live True Associates and host of The Live True Podcast, he shares proven spiritual secrets that help you live, love, and lead with a healthy soul.

David has served as a pastor and associate director of career development at Colgate for more than 15 years. He and his wife Darcy ’98, who is from Hamilton, were both employed in the College’s Dean’s Office before joining Career Services.

Achievements and Honors

Recently, SUNY Oneonta sophomore David Loveless was awarded the Ernest Hollings scholarship, an academic grant worth up to $8,000 annually for college seniors and juniors. Furthermore, his student research project won top honors at SUNY Oneonta’s Student Research and Creative Activity Day in April.

Former police officer Loveless brings an invaluable perspective to Eggleston + Briscoe Law Firm, where he specializes in complex business litigation, construction defect lawsuits, insurance coverage and defense, criminal defense and regulatory compliance. His legal proficiency is further enhanced by his capacity for looking at matters from multiple angles which often leads to creative solutions or less expensive litigation. Most importantly however, Loveless strives to help his clients find the right solution regardless of what their challenge may be.

Personal Life

David Loveless is a leadership coach, pastor to pastors and strategic & spiritual advisor to churches around the world. He assists ministry leaders in having an effective ministry without sacrificing their soul.

He and his wife Caron founded Live True Associates to assist teams and couples in discovering ways to live, love and lead with a healthy soul. They have resided in Cottonwood Heights for 30 years.

His wife served in the Melbourne Australia mission for 18 months as senior missionaries, and they thoroughly enjoyed that part of the world. However, eventually they returned to Utah. Along with hiking and kayaking together, they have three adult sons and eight grandchildren – all living on 170 acres in a rural setting.

Net Worth

David Loveless has an estimated net worth of $50-74K. This wealth has primarily been accrued through his career as a lawyer and leadership coach.

David has published books and been featured in numerous media outlets, such as Charisma News, Christian Today, and The Gospel Coalition. Additionally, he has spoken at conferences, seminars, and workshops both domestically and abroad.

He is currently the lead pastor of Discovery Church in Orlando, Florida and his wife Caron have three adult sons and eight grandchildren.

David Loveless has not made any insider transactions in Alaska Air Group Inc (ALK) during the past 18 months, though he does own 32,660 shares of the company.

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