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David Lucking on Identity in Canadian Literature

David Lucking’s interdisciplinary study of Canadian literature explores the role narrative has on identity construction. His selected texts range from classic works to more recent fiction works, offering a diverse selection.

Defineing one’s identity in Canadian literature, whether explicitly or implicitly, remains an ongoing theme. Yet as Lucking points out, this task often eludes an easy, definitive definition.

Early Life and Education

David Lucking was born in Watford, England and currently works as a professor of English at the University of Salento in Lecce, Italy. He has published books on William Shakespeare, Joseph Conrad, Margaret Laurence and Canadian literature’s narrative construction of identity; as well as several essays on poetry and poetic negotiation. Furthermore he served on the English Association – a non-profit organization which promotes literary education throughout England – alongside his wife Alicia; they have one daughter together.

David Lucking joined Education Minnesota staff in November 2021 as director of policy and public affairs. Before that, she served as director of research and outreach at the union. There, her team created research reports on topics such as helping students recover from disruptions, reforming school discipline policies, expanding preschools and full-service community schools, recruiting and retaining teachers – particularly those of color – for distribution to policymakers and educators across Minnesota.

Professional Career

David Lucking has an international career in financial services. He is a partner at Magic Circle law firm Allen & Overy and head of its Global International Capital Markets Group, which specializes in derivatives and structured finance transactions. He provides advice to a range of institutions on derivatives, including credit, rates and FX in both funded and unfunded forms. In addition, he has assisted banks and other financial institutions with compliance issues arising from the Volcker rule. He frequently provides advice on the transition of over-the-counter derivatives markets to regulated trading platforms and central clearing houses, as well as on the registration of swap dealers under the Dodd-Frank Act. Furthermore, he has drafted market standard documents for organizations like International Swaps & Derivatives Association and other derivative industry bodies.

Achievements and Honors

David Lucking has achieved much in his career. He holds a PhD in English literature from the University of Leeds and is now professor of English at the University of Salento in Lecce, Italy. Additionally, he volunteers and treasurer for Royal National Lifeboat Institution – an organization providing lifesaving assistance to those in need – and has been an avid reader since childhood.

The IMA would like to express our heartfelt congratulations to David Lucking for his commitment to fungal research and for depositing some remarkable fungal cultures into our museum collection. His longstanding involvement has been an immense boon not only to our field, but also the larger mycological community at large.

Personal Life

David Lucking is a Professor of English at the University of Lecce in Italy and has published numerous full-length books and articles on English and Canadian literature.

The author examines narrative construction as a means of developing identity in Canadian literature. He examines texts by Susanna Moodie, Howard O’Hagan, Jack Hodgins, George Bowering, Robertson Davies, Margaret Atwood and Timothy Findley to uncover how unstable or changing identities figure prominently within these stories.

Net Worth

David Lucking was best known for his role as biker Piney Winston on Sons of Anarchy. At 80 years old, he passed away in Las Vegas after a long and successful acting career that saw him appear on numerous television shows and films.

His career included work as an actor, writer and director. He earned degrees in literature and theater from UCLA and Pasadena Playhouse.

He co-founded the Santa Paula Theater Center in Ventura County, California and produced several plays. Additionally, he has published books on William Shakespeare, Joseph Conrad, Margaret Laurence and Canadian literature’s narrative construction of identity. His most recent publications include Making Sense in Shakespeare (Rodopi 2012) and Shakespearean Perspectives: Essays on Poetic Negotiation (John Benjamins 2017). Finally in 1999 he married costume designer Sigrid Insull and they have two daughters Marjet and Juliana.

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