David Madrigal ’22

Firefighter David Madrigal ’22

David Madrigal had served as a firefighter in Detroit for 26 years, and was two months from retirement when he was tragically taken away in December 2015 by someone connected to an organized gang.

Timmy Lynn Soto struck him twice with a gym weight plate while he slept inside his home on the city’s west side. Afterward, he took possession of the victim’s safe, guns and SUV.

Early Life and Education

Madrigal attended a private school in San Francisco during his childhood, where he shared an apartment with future comedians Mike Pritchard and Margaret Cho.

After graduating high school, he pursued an education at the University of San Francisco; however, he left two credits short of graduating.

Investigators discovered sex-oriented websites on his computer, as well as Post-it notes referencing other sex websites.

After admitting to sexually touching female students at Eisenhower Elementary School in Hopkins, Madrigal was spared any further jail time and instead placed on supervised probation for five years. Furthermore, he was ordered to stay three blocks away from any Hopkins School District building and abstain from alcohol and illicit drugs.

Professional Career

Madrigal has started 142 major league games at second base or as the designated hitter and boasts a career batting average of.249 with no homers and seven RBIs.

This offseason, the Cubs added Madrigal to their roster when they traded reliever Craig Kimbrel to the White Sox. They believe he can fill multiple roles on a team lacking either an established shortstop or starting second baseman.

This spring, he’s getting the chance to demonstrate his talents at third base. Throughout camp, manager David Ross has noticed him playing well and believes this summer will be no different.

Achievements and Honors

David Madrigal ’22 was a Clark School graduate renowned for his devotion to God, remarkable musical talent and desire to understand others. He deeply loved his family and friends and always had an eager heart to help others.

He was an active member of the Clark community and a leader within his church, serving as deacon and Bible study teacher. Additionally, he volunteered with the Clark Student Government Association.

He was a loving father, grandfather and friend who enjoyed his job as a firefighter. As part of the Detroit Fire Department’s honor guard, he paid tribute to fallen firefighters at their funerals. Additionally, his generosity and compassion extended beyond collecting toys for kids in need and volunteering to assist the homeless.

Personal Life

Detroit firefighter David Madrigal was a beloved member of his community. Known for his warmth and empathy, he served in the department’s honor guard.

On December 19, 2015, his son found him dead at home on Vaughn Street in Detroit. His body lay slumped over in a recliner with blood seeping from his nose, ears and forehead.

On December 19th, 2003, three people who had an established friendship with David Madrigal were arrested in connection with his murder. Timmy Lynn Soto, Nicole Oneill and Christian Rasnick are accused of breaking into Madrigal’s home on that fateful night and taking advantage of him before ultimately killing him.

Net Worth

As David Madrigal was growing up, his family didn’t have any musicians in the house. Nonetheless, his grandmother on her mother’s side had an old-timey electric organ which David soon discovered and learned how to play.

David’s passion for music led him to pursue his ambition of writing songs and recording them on CD. To hone his craft, David performed piano gigs at various local venues.

David took his online marketing skills a step further by starting to sell sheet music downloads of his original compositions. This presented him with an exciting opportunity to expand his mailing list of buyers and fans, enabling him to leave Symantec Corporation and focus solely on growing his music business.

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