David Main

David Main – Biopharmaceutical Executive

David Main is an accomplished biopharmaceutical executive with a proven record of creating value and driving growth. He currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer at Notch Therapeutics.

He has over two decades of expertise advising Irish and international businesses, trustees and regulators across state, semi-state and private sectors on all aspects of their pension affairs. He specializes in liability management issues, trustee governance matters, regulatory matters, scheme documentation, dispute resolution processes, pension products, restructuring or winding-up defined benefit plans, investment activities as well as mergers & acquisitions relating to pensions.

Early Life and Education

David Main was raised in an extremely challenging environment. He suffered from toxic stress, a condition which affects children who have experienced significant abuse during their early years.

His toxic stress had an adverse effect on his memory, leading to frequent forgetting of what he had learned at school. This made it challenging for him to excel academically.

He was also frequently bullied by other students, making his life even more difficult.

He eventually managed to escape his home and relocated to Indiana, but still faced many obstacles along the way – such as finding a job and surviving with his mother.

Professional Career

David Main is an enthusiastic supporter of human performance and leadership, believing that great leaders are essential for creating a better world. To this end, he assists his clients in refining their leadership strategy in order to succeed in today’s complex environment.

David is a professor of engineering systems at Cornell University, where he co-leads the NSF Expeditions in Computing Grant on Computational Sustainability. Additionally, David serves as faculty advisor to Cornell Cup Robotics and Cornell University Sustainable Design (CUSD), Cornell’s largest student project team by diversity.

David has dedicated much of his career to research and development in STEM education, particularly with an aim of creating educational robots comparable to Lego Mindstorms, Vex & MakeBlock. For this work he has received multiple recognitions from both the Obama White House as well as INCOSE – a professional society for systems engineers – including multiple awards.

Achievements and Honors

David was a man of many talents. He was an accomplished musician, warrior, leader and worshipper of God.

He was an outstanding husband and father. A long-time member of First Christian Church in Sapulpa, he served as an elder, Sunday school teacher, choir member, and kitchen worker.

His greatest accomplishment, however, lies in his repentance of all his sins after each misstep. Not only was his adultery with Bathsheba and willful killing of Uriah an oversight; these were not even close to being his only errors.

Personal Life

David Main is an acclaimed biopharmaceutical executive with over three decades of industry leadership experience and a proven record of value creation and company expansion. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for Orum Therapeutics, a global pharmaceutical company developing tumor-directed targeted protein degraders to treat cancer.

David has been married for 64 years and the proud parent of three children. Additionally, he served as president of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

He is a sought-after speaker, having appeared on popular television programs such as The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The View, The Howard Stern Show and Today show. Additionally he authored the book SOAR: How Boys Learn, Succeed and Develop Character.

Net Worth

David Main has an estimated net worth of $24 million. He serves as President and Chief Investment Officer for Main Street Capital.

He holds investments in Medivation Inc (MDVN) and Sio Gene Therapies Inc, earning a total yearly salary of $3,674,270 as President and Chief Investment Officer at Main Street Capital.

His fortune is largely the result of his investments in Altaba and Yahoo. Since 2000, he has sold $3.5 billion of stock and earned dividends totalling $1.6 billion.

He retired from Altaba’s board of directors in June 2017, shortly after Verizon acquired Yahoo for $5 billion. His net worth is calculated using share sales, taxes, market performance and charitable contributions; as of March 29th 2022 his assets total $24 million.

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