David Mascot

David Mascot

Mascots are costumes-wearing characters who communicate nonverbally with audiences. Raymond has long been providing his expertise in this area to teams and businesses.

As well as acting as a talent scout and teacher for novice and veteran mascots, he also utilizes a four-step process to assist teams or businesses in selecting an apt mascot for their audience and brand.

Early Life and Education

David Mascot made his debut in the mascot business at Jackson State University as an active member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. His credentials as a mascot included end-zone animations, mini trampolines and some impressive end-of-game moves.

He and Cortney Mahoney ’96, known collectively as Rhody the Ram, got their big break in 1997 when they were asked to join URI’s Mascot Program for four years. Traveling and performing at some of the highest profile events – such as ESPN’s Midnight Madness – gave them ample experience to put into performance while sporting an elegant mascot accessory made of leather, stingray skin, and stone that they called the bling bling bracelet; which remains one of the most prestigious accessories on offer today.

Professional Career

Dave Raymond was a college student who donned a campy green fursuit, took to a major-league baseball field, and started an adventure that revolutionized sports mascots. For 16 years as the Phillie Phanatic, he delighted audiences with spectacular athletic moves unlike anything they’d ever witnessed before.

Now, Dave is the founder of Raymond Entertainment Group, a character development and mascot development firm which works with professional and college sports teams nationwide to create iconic mascots through character design, audience engagement and brand development. Additionally, Raymond hosts “Mascot Boot Camp,” an intensive weekend-long training program for new and longtime performers alike. Despite his profession, Dave remains committed to his family life; he is a member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Edgewater.

Achievement and Honors

David Raymond created the iconic Phillie Phanatic in 1977 and today runs a marketing firm to assist other sports teams create iconic mascots through character creation, audience engagement and brand development.

Rogue Creamery was also established under his leadership, producing top-of-the-line cheese products for restaurants and consumers throughout the U.S. They have won multiple accolades such as two ACS Best of Show Awards and a SIAL Innovation Award, earning numerous honors from industry judges.

Raymond was most proud of establishing the National Mascot Hall of Fame in Whiting, Indiana – an interactive museum featuring over 25,000 square feet dedicated to celebrating mascot history and located only 30 minutes south of Chicago. Although there were challenges involved, Whiting city leaders stepped in to help Raymond make his dream become a reality.

Personal Life

Dave Raymond has made it his career to create eye-catching mascots for teams like University of Delaware, Lakewood BlueClaws and Cincinnati Reds – so much so that their respective mascots have even received national awards from MLB!

David Mascot boasts an exciting personal and professional life. When not working, his time is filled with hiking, camping, swimming and video gaming with friends; reading, watching movies and cooking; as well as being the proud owner of Zena his bull terrier pup! Most notable about david is his positive outlook and willingness to do what’s necessary in order to remain happy.

Net Worth

Dave Raymond found himself reinvented after leaving his longtime position as Phillies Phanatic Dave Raymond has found success as a character-branding company founder and motivational speaker, designing and training characters for various sports teams and businesses across North America.

At his Chester County colonial, Raymond trains mascots. When not training them he’s coaching the Flyers’ Gritty or appearing on the PGA Tour; additionally promoting Raymond Entertainment as well as giving keynote speeches at conferences across the nation.

As a result of his success, he now boasts an estimated net worth of $2.89 billion USD, earned through investments, royalties and his business venture with Sprott Inc. His fortune was amassed from investments, royalties and founding two gold royalty companies Euro-Nevada and Franco Nevada; additionally investing in other businesses such as Morguard properties as well as its Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Furthermore, his financial success is also known for its charitable outreach work.

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