David Massie

David Massie

David Massie was an esteemed young man regarded by all. A committed Christian and avid reader, David was well liked and appreciated.

He often found comfort in creating his own worlds in his free time, taking inspiration from both old and new science fiction concepts.

Early Life and Education

David Massie has always had an ardent passion for science-fiction. While reading sci-fi books as a kid, his imagination would run wild as he daydreamed of all of the fantastical worlds that could exist inside them.

He found his imagination so potent that it inspired him to start writing his own books, such as The Corrupted Light Chronicles and David Massie and the Hidden Underworld.

Cherish the Love was his ministry for spreading his faith and encouraging people to embrace and cherish God’s Love through Jesus Christ. Through postings and teachings, it encouraged individuals to experience and respect His loving embrace through Him.

Professional Career

Massie was an impressive high school football talent who amassed multiple offers before making the leap to college level football, eventually signing with Oxford University as one of his destinations.

While in school, his top priority was receiving an excellent education – made easier thanks to his love of books and ability to learn quickly from some of the most respected instructors.

As a college student, he developed an affinity for finding and improving upon the best products on the market – something his expertise in electrical and electronic manufacturing allows him to do. That’s where his current job lies – currently working within this field as an electrician/manufacturer/embedding technician/production supervisor/managing director; proud father, husband and avid dog fanatic with a special affinity for writing sci-fi literature as a hobby.

Achievement and Honors

David Massie is one of the world’s premier organic chemists and has taught at several colleges worldwide.

He has received many honors and awards during his distinguished career, such as becoming the first African American professor at Annapolis Naval Academy.

He graduated with honors from Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. While studying there he married Gloria Thompkins whom he married later. Together they had three sons.

Personal Life

David was an extraordinary individual who lived a life marked by humility, gratitude and open-mindedness. A devout Christian himself, David loved exploring new ideas.

He was also extremely generous, always ready to lend a helping hand when necessary, leading his parents to believe he would consider becoming an organ donor.

As a result, he saved up to eight lives and improved an additional 100. His legacy will live on.

Net Worth

David Massie reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $501 Million. As an American businessman, politician, and inventor he earned this fortune through investments across various companies.

As a result, he owns 550 shares of Bridgeline Digital Inc (BLIN) stock for $501 and Agrify Corp (AGFY).

Massie won the 2022 Kentucky 4th congressional district election and is an active member of the Republican party.

He is an avid reader and longtime enthusiast of science-fiction. Growing up, he would build different worlds in his imagination before eventually writing The Corrupted Light Chronicles novel which takes place in an ever-evolving universe where everything changes swiftly – providing a fast-paced adventure filled with action and mystery!

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