David Mastrocola

David Mastrocola

David John Mastrocola serves as Lead Independent Director for Cooper-Standard Holdings Inc and sits on their Automotive Inc board of directors.

Formerly of Goldman Sachs & Co, he held numerous senior management roles within their investment banking division for 22 years – such as leading or co-leading corporate finance, mergers/strategic advisory and industrials/natural resources departments.

Early Life and Education

David Mastrocola has had an acclaimed and prolific career in finance, amassing an estimated net worth of more than $1 billion. Additionally, he is known as an active philanthropist and the father to three furry kids. He works as both a CPA and private investor during his workdays; but his primary mission in life is safeguarding and expanding his teetering golden tree. A witty company leader with no fear for getting his hands dirty for altruism’s sake, his main priority in life is protecting and expanding it further. At the core of his formula lies an effective executive team to rely on. One way of doing so is ensuring each member of his or her team understands both their role and responsibilities within the company.

Professional Career

David John Mastrocola currently holds the position of Lead Independent Director with Cooper-Standard Holdings Inc and also sits on their Board. Additionally, he serves on Famous Dave’s of America Inc’s Board.

Mastrocola earned his MBA from Harvard University. Before being appointed a director at Cooper-Standard, he served as an Advisory Chairman of Pleasant Lake Partners LLC as well as Senior Auditor of Arthur Anderson & Co.

David Mastrocola has also taken an active part in community service efforts outside his professional career, volunteering at Big Brothers Big Sisters NYC program and coaching the football team at Stuyvesant High School. Additionally, he visited Elon computing sciences classes to share his industry experiences with students while also serving on Elon NYC Alumni Chapter and Young Alumni Council committees.

Achievement and Honors

Every year, the Global Alumni Board (GAB) honors two alumni/us and graduating seniors whose lives exemplify the spirit and vision of Bentley’s founder, Wilhelm Bentley. For 2017, David Campbell ’13 and Sydel Curry-Lee ’17 have been chosen.

While each Falcon comes from different backgrounds and has unique experiences, all share common values of respect, determination, hard work and intellectual curiosity. Growing up within a supportive environment helped each one pursue knowledge; mentors at Elon shaped their lives in ways which still impact them today.

Personal Life

David Mastrocola is co-founder and advisory chairman at Pleasant Lake Partners LLC, as well as a former partner and managing director at Goldman Sachs & Co. In his 22 years at Goldman, David held various senior management roles within its Investment Banking Division; including co-heading or heading up corporate finance, mergers & strategic advisory, industrials & natural resources departments.

He later served as Senior Audit Director at Arthur Anderson Co. He now sits on the boards of Cooper-Standard Holdings Inc and Cooper-Standard Automotive, Inc. In addition, he’s part of Save the Children Foundation where he sits on their executive, finance & administration and nominating and governance committees.

Mastrocola authored “The Business of Being a Lawyer.” As a litigator, he specializes in complex commercial disputes and serves as co-chair of his firm’s Business Litigation & Dispute Resolution Group.

Net Worth

David John Mastrocola is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $339 thousand. Currently serving as the lead independent director at Cooper-Standard Inc and making an estimated annual salary of $240,039 per year, he also holds 3,707 units of Cooper-Standard stock which he purchased on 9 May 2013 for $45,040 (exercised on 9 May 2013 for this amount) as per Form 4 filings with the SEC; these trades he made occurred over five years, most recently being on July 28, 2014 whereby they sold off all 0 shares which equaling $0. This information provided as public service by GuruFocus as public service to provide informational resources about potential investors within companies as a general guideline on possible candidates as a public service to provide information about potential candidates as soon as possible in this field

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