David Maynor

David Maynor

David Maynor is an IT security researcher who specializes in vulnerabilities. Currently he serves as Senior Researcher with SecureWorks.

Maynor caused waves in the world of security when he made public demonstrations that Apple’s MacBook Wi-Fi could be compromised, leading to controversy until last week when Apple issued a patch for drivers for Wi-Fi drivers.

Early Life and Education

Maynor attended Oberlin College before enrolling at the Curtis Institute of Music where she became the first African-American graduate from that esteemed institute and served as president from 1947-1948.

As a concert singer, she performed at some of the world’s premier musical venues such as Carnegie Hall, Tanglewood and Lincoln Center, while touring Australia, Europe and South America.

After retiring from performance stage in 1963, she established the Harlem School for the Arts (HSA), a non-profit organization offering music instruction through piano, painting and drama to children in Harlem. A passionate supporter of music education, her school continues to thrive even today. Additionally, she served on the board of 92nd Street Y and as its director from 1977-1979.

Professional Career

David Maynor is a senior researcher for SecureWorks and responsible for creating and testing the latest security tools, techniques, and technologies. Additionally, he works on projects for large and small organizations including reverse engineering, vulnerability development, and developing new evasion techniques.

David Maynor is an outstanding professional with years of experience. He has held both executive positions in both public and private organizations as well as serving on boards and committees, while receiving various accolades and honors such as Maryland State Bar Association’s Award for Excellence in Public Service as well as Towson City Schools Award for Outstanding Contributions to Education.

Achievement and Honors

David Maynor was widely recognized for his achievements within and outside CSR, where he held the distinction of longest serving employee. Additionally, he served as one of the space shuttle’s supporting cast and an early adopter of new technologies and techniques; serving as operations control engineer over one of CSR’s most complex computer systems ever assembled; earning multiple awards including NASA Silver Snoopy Award recognition for outstanding contributions towards shuttle flight safety and mission success.

His family includes Teresa Ann; sons Richard L. Maynor of Red Bank and Todd W. Maynor (Stephanie) of Hixson; grandchildren such as Debra, Hannah, Matthew, Maggie Katherine Kiera as well as an incredible great granddaughter; numerous nephews and nieces as well as a host of trophies and awards won throughout life; not forgetting his generous and kind neighborly nature who will not soon be forgotten; especially so is Teresa Ann; without whom his presence will never be forgotten; nor his kind and generous presence remembered forevermore!

Personal Life

Some men seek wealth and power while others are content to live a simpler lifestyle – David Swinson Maynard falls into the latter camp.

An individual who was able to transcend his prejudices and selfishness to become an outstanding citizen. His contributions were vital in shaping the history of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest region, earning him national renown as an undisputed hero of Washington state.

He will always be remembered for his tireless philanthropy and commitment to serving his community. He was an integral member of Anderson Regional Medical Center’s board, co-founding their Stroke Support Group as well as being an esteemed church leader and Sunday school teacher.

Net Worth

David Maynor is an author and television personality known for being “humble, kind, and loving”. Devoted to his family, Maynor can often be found reading at breakfast time!

He hails from the Italian American Borghese family and has appeared on multiple episodes of “The Bachelor.” Most notably, in season nine he picked Jennifer Wilson over Sadie Murray but did not propose.

At the time, they broke up but not before giving each other promise rings designed by his mothers.

Now he is both a TV host and New York Times bestselling author, married to Lauren and parent to their daughter. His estimated net worth stands at $850,000.

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