David Mould

David Mould

David Mould is a media relations expert with expertise in public policy, emergency and crisis communications, issue management, employee/investor relations, marketing, community relations as well as executive/board communications. Currently he serves as Vice President for Communications at the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

He is the author of several books, including Postcards from Stanland: Journeys in Central Asia and Monsoon Postcards: Indian Ocean Journeys.

Early Life and Education

David mould has earned a distinguished career, holding positions such as newspaper reporter, TV journalist, college professor and author.

He has achieved great success as an international consultant, trainer and researcher for organizations such as UNICEF, USAID, UNESCO, FHI 360 and others.

Mould has traveled to more than 40 countries throughout Europe, Asia and Africa over the course of his career. He designed and delivered training on communication for development (C4D) and development journalism, as well as leading research projects related to these topics.

Professional Career

David mould has an extensive career, having held positions in banking, publishing and business management for over 30 years. Additionally, he holds certification as a Senior Executive from the Institute of Corporate Directors.

He has also served as professor of media studies at Ohio University, with research interests spanning post-Soviet media in Central Asia to early 20th century news and documentary filmmaking.

Mould has also conducted training workshops for international agencies such as UNICEF and USAID, created curriculum, and conducted research studies on journalism, communication for development, and environmental journalism.

Achievements and Honors

David Mold has earned a place of honor within alternative rock music with his deeply personal lyrics and fiery guitar playing.

Husker Du’s founding member Chris Mould has made a name for himself as both an accomplished guitarist and solo artist, drawing inspiration from groups such as Patti Smith Group, Ramones and Buzzcocks.

Mould, a graduate student at SUNY Empire State College, recently received the ACT Excellence and Student Initiative Scholarship. This academic award is given to those with a 3.9 GPA who demonstrate outstanding dedication to their campus and community.

Personal Life

Mould’s personal life is a testament to his devotion to music. The Minnesota-based musician has been crafting melodies for more than three decades.

Mould has released several critically-acclaimed albums throughout his career. Notable highlights include his collaborations with Husker Du and Sugar as well as his solo works.

After Husker Du’s breakup in 1988, Mould released two solo albums: 1989’s contemplative Workbook and 1990’s gritty Black Sheets of Rain. Later that same year he formed Sugar with bassist David Barbe and drummer Malcolm Travis.

Net Worth

David Mould is a highly respected public relations specialist with expertise across various disciplines. His areas of specialization include media relations; public policy; emergency and crisis communications; issue management; employee/investor communications; marketing; community relations; executive/board communications; as well as public outreach initiatives.

Recently, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority confirmed him as vice president for communications. With expertise in environmental, health and safety matters as well as energy concerns, he is an invaluable asset to their team.

Forbes estimated his net worth to be $450 million in 2017. Furthermore, he owns shares of Univision network television.

Perenchio owns six properties in Bel Air, California where he lives with his wife and five children. He is one of the biggest shareholders of Univision – Los Angeles’ premier Spanish network – which he acquired through a joint venture.

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