David Paule

David Paule

David Paule is an award-winning director of opera, theater and film who strives to use performance as a channel for direct, human connection through performance.

He has collaborated with such notable opera houses as the Metropolitan, Washington National and Arizona Operas; his performances can be found across four continents and five languages.

Early Life and Education

David Paule was born December 4, 1951 in Belleville, Illinois to Ardeth Jenison Paule and Richard Paule and passed away February 13, 2021 in Des Moines, Iowa.

He was renowned as an artist, historian and music enthusiast; an avid reader and life-long learner.

David Paul is an award-winning director for opera, theater and film. His works span five centuries and all genres; his focus is to use performance as an avenue of human connection.

Christopher has directed productions at New York City Opera, North Carolina Opera and Juilliard School; recent productions include Die Zauberflote and Cosi fan tutte. Additionally, he is often invited to Arizona Opera and Washington National Opera where his work can be found across four continents and five languages.

Professional Career

David Paule brings extensive litigation and mediation experience, representing both Plaintiffs and Defence counsel during his career, providing him with invaluable insight into the negotiation process.

He has experience appearing as counsel in Queen’s Bench trials and the Court of Appeal to present various legal arguments on a range of legal issues. This practical knowledge and balanced approach to problem-solving make him a sought-after mediator, helping clients achieve successful resolution of their litigation matters.

He has worked with various non-profit organizations that focus on various causes. He is particularly dedicated to community development and helping others lead healthier lives.

Achievement and Honors

David Paule is a masterful business leader who excels at revitalizing inactive operations and developing green-field organizations. He specializes in strategic planning, marketing communications, product development and branding.

He has received several honors and awards, such as being honored with the University Industry Demonstration Partnership’s lifetime achievement award. Furthermore, he wrote the “CEO’s Due Diligence Handbook”, an invaluable guide designed to prevent and mitigate business fraud.

He has been recognized for his efforts in collecting food and supplies for victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria as well as for educating the public about these disasters through media campaigns and social media posts. Perhaps most notably was his work to prevent a coal ash dump from being built in Wayne County.

Personal Life

David Paul has been working at KHOU 11 News since December 1996 as chief meteorologist.

Prior to joining KHOU, he held positions at Louisiana stations WCBD-TV and KPLC-V.

He is best known for his breathtaking images of nature and wildlife captured through photography.

He is also an environmentalist; during his four-year stint as a logger in Sierra Nevada mountains he developed a deep affinity with trees that has guided his environmental consciousness.

He married Miranda Sevivk Paul on April 12, 1996 and they have two sons – both boys.

Net Worth

Net worth measures the difference between the value of your assets and liabilities, providing an accurate indicator of where you stand financially and how much should be saved or invested in order to reach financial security.

David Paule has amassed an estimated net worth of $897,109 as the result of his work as a meteorologist for KHOU News since December 1996.

He owns several units of Globus Medical Inc stock, whose value has seen significant drops over the past 18 months and makes him a significant shareholder in Globus Medical.

David Paule’s net worth will likely continue to increase in the future due to the vast profits from his trades, most notably selling 3,039,385 units of Globus Medical Inc stock in August 2012 for over $33,919.537.

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