David Paylor

David Paylor

David Paylor, Director of Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, is well known for his environmental leadership. In recognition of this feat, he earned the Gerald P. McCarthy Award from Virginia Natural Resources Leadership Institute for his achievements in environmental conflict resolution.

Paylor has advocated for stakeholder engagement and collaborative problem-solving at DEQ during his time there, leading to significant achievements in renewable energy permitting, water supply management and groundwater conservation among other fields.

Early Life and Education

David Paylor is a highly esteemed educator and environmentalist renowned for making an impactful difference in many people’s lives. Known for his positive outlook and devotion to his students, Paylor stands out among educators with his commitment to students’ well being and environmental protection.

After graduating from high school, he continued his studies at the University of Montana-Missoula before beginning to travel around in pursuit of his archaeology interests.

Alongside his professional pursuits, he enjoyed traveling and the great outdoors. Skiing was his particular passion; he went cat-skiing forty times with family members as companions.

He enjoyed reading, amassing a large library of books on various subjects. Additionally, he would often travel abroad in search of knowledge; his passion for exploring led him to develop an appreciation of history, architecture and art.

Professional Career

David Paylor, Virginia’s Director of Environmental Quality for over four decades has been an essential member of state government for decades. An award-winning steward of Virginia’s environment, Paylor is responsible for many notable accomplishments related to air quality, renewable energy production and water supply; furthermore he boasts an outstanding record in reducing carbon footprint and creating an environment which fosters economic development in Virginia.

One of the most notable aspects of Paylor’s career has been his accumulation of awards, accolades and nominations he’s received over time; as well as occasional humorous remarks. Yet through it all he managed to maintain an admirable work-life balance, especially given that one of the most sought-after positions in state government requires him to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Achievement and Honors

Paylor has achieved distinction throughout his long and distinguished career, receiving accolades in multiple areas. He was chosen by his peers to serve as Virginian delegate at the White House, while at DEQ serving nearly four decades as an environmentalist with notable achievements including creating new state drinking water standards, first ever standardised assessment of public health risks associated with wastewater treatment plants, numerous awards recognizing VA water quality programs under his stewardship, among many more notable accomplishments.

One of his many hats consists of being an admirable father to two. Furthermore, he enjoys exploring nature with keen observation skills when it comes to what’s going on around his backyard.

Personal Life

Paylor is an energetic and determined student who places great value on community and family. He belongs to several clubs including National Honor Society, Varsity Basketball Team, and Cheerleading Squad.

He enjoys a healthy diet, regular physical activity and weight training sessions in pursuit of elite athleticism. Furthermore, he attends weekly Bible classes with his guardian Bernard Pinnix.

Pinnix has been Paylor’s mentor and trainer since middle school, helping him navigate through all the expectations associated with being a high-profile recruit. But more importantly, he’s there when moments matter most in his everyday life.

Net Worth

David Paylor is an renowned American investor and entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses. Additionally, he is married to Patina Miller – an actress and singer.

As of 2022, his estimated net worth ranges between $15-20 million. He owns multiple businesses – among them being Charlotte Hornets NBA team and Nascar team ownership.

His wealth was amassed through endorsements, real estate properties and charitable work. He currently serves as brand ambassadors for UNICEF, Nike and Fila.

He is one of the world’s most successful and wealthy businesspeople, boasting an estimated net worth of approximately $16 billion as of April 2023.

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