David Rafalovsky

David Rafalovsky

David Rafalovsky serves as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Russia’s state-owned bank Sberbank. As CTO he leads an organization of over 24,000 IT professionals providing thought leadership as well as innovative, reliable and reusable IT solutions to support SberBank Group.

As part of its ecosystem tech strategy, the bank is investing in more nonbanking services as part of its ecosystem tech strategy and upgrading Christofari Neo’s supercomputer in order to meet internal and external AI demand.

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Professional Career

David Rafalovsky serves as Chief Technology Officer and Global Head of Operations & Technology for Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank Group. In this capacity he oversees their technology strategy including implementation of an advanced business application platform, innovative cloud infrastructure architecture, advanced enterprise analytics platform and artificial intelligence technologies.

Mr. Sheehan also oversees the implementation of an Agile operating model and manages technology laboratories within the bank as well as implements various new IT technologies.

David is a highly esteemed and experienced Global CIO, having held senior roles at Citigroup Inc (US). Starting out as a Lead Solutions Architect he eventually rose to become Global Head of Finance & Risk Infrastructure Technology as well as Deputy Head and CTO for Global Functions Technology Services.

Achievement and Honors

David Rafalovsky is an extremely accomplished and gifted senior executive. With an extensive resume both in the public and private sectors, his accomplishments speak for themselves.

Oxygen’s next phase of growth requires a tech-first operational expert, with more than 25 years of domestic and international banking experience, including leading the design and rollout of numerous innovative tech products for some of the largest financial institutions and IT organizations worldwide. He brings this wealth of expertise directly into Oxygen.

He previously held positions such as Group CTO and Global Head of Operations & Technology for Sber, one of Europe’s premier digital banking ecosystems and world’s “Best Digital Consumer Bank 2021,” according to Global Finance Magazine, as well as being appointed Managing Director, CTO of Global Functions at Citi. Furthermore, he co-founded and chaired ROVIAL Space which seeks to equip new space economy with AI & robotics infrastructure enabling autonomous in-space businesses.

Personal Life

David Rafalovsky is a tech-first operational expert with over two decades of domestic and international banking experience, having designed and deployed innovative technological products for some of the largest financial institutions and IT organizations around the globe.

Sber, one of Europe’s premier digital banking ecosystems, now relies on him as Group CTO and Global Head of Operations & Technology for their ecosystem tech strategy. Under his guidance has come about modern digital platforms, cloud infrastructure architecture innovations, smart consumer electronics utilizing natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, image/video recognition technologies as well as smart consumer devices powered by NLP algorithms.

Oxygen, a fintech startup offering digital banking and payment services, today announced $20 Million in Series B funding, and appointed David Rafalovsky as their new CEO. Rafalovsky will use these funds to expand their workforce while improving product development and user experiences surrounding core financial technology solutions.

Net Worth

Rafalovsky is an award-winning Russian entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $5 Million. In 2018, he established digital banking platform Oxygen for freelancers and small businesses alike; providing financial technology solutions such as invoicing and accounting services, cashback schemes, salary programs and insurance as well as providing cashback options and salary programs to support them financially.

Rafalovsky became president of Rovial, a space startup located in Paris, according to France’s Trade Register in 2022. Other co-founders included Mikhail Kokorich from Russia and Israeli/American national Luis Jimenez Tunon – with Jimenez Tunon acting as head.

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