David Riffle

David Riffle

David Riffle is a West Virginia artist who creates paintings and sculptures in various mediums. His artwork draws inspiration from his surroundings in West Virginia and often incorporates elements of place into it.

He is renowned for his captivating images of twisting vines, mountains, catfish and water. Additionally, he incorporates 1960s mobile homes as well as Great Blue Herons into his works.

Early Life and Education

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Erikson’s psychosocial theory is one of the most influential theories in early childhood education. According to this theory, children go through various developmental stages between birth and adolescence, each with its own set of skills and needs.

Professional Career

David Riffle spent his career crafting powerful campaigns and messages that had an immense effect on the world. Whether in television, public interest or advertising, his skillset was uncanny at motivating people to take action.

David was a television producer, PR consultant, writer and filmmaker. His clients included the Texas Education Agency and Texas A&M University; they sought his guidance in crafting motivational messages and strategies to increase educational opportunities for underserved students.

His artwork is filled with a strong sense of place, drawing inspiration from the area surrounding his 25-year residence in Poca, Putnam County – which he moved in 1975 after graduating from West Virginia State College. As depicted in his art, the trailer symbolizes safety and solitude amid an increasingly hectic world.

Achievement and Honors

Riffle, a self-taught carpenter, has put his skills to use by building a passive solar home atop Tyler Mountain in Kanawha County. Additionally, he coaches an eighth grade archery team and directs the Upshur County 4-H air rifle team.

The most remarkable accomplishment of all is his numerous large-scale and intricate works of art over the years. He’s received awards such as a painting fellowship from West Virginia Arts & Humanities Commission and top shelf visual arts fellowship from National Endowment for the Arts – thanks to longtime collaborator John Nakashima! Best of all? They’re still together so their story continues on!

Personal Life

David Riffle is a mixed media artist known for his fantastical worlds that draw inspiration from 1960s trailers, giant dogs, and nature’s mystical side.

His art is also informed by his experience as a Vietnam veteran and the shift in values that were prevalent in American culture at that time.

He strives to capture the splendor found within Florida’s hidden coves, crevices and creatures. His artwork can be purchased as prints, canvas prints, metal prints and more – perfect for gift giving!

He and his daughter both enjoy creating artwork. Together they take pleasure in spending time together, going on elk hunts in Wyoming and hunting turkey. Additionally, the couple are involved in their community by volunteering their services for others’ benefit.

Net Worth

David Riffle is an impressively educated and qualified individual who has amassed considerable wealth through his career as Aligator Wrestler & TV Personality. Estimates place his net worth at approximately $500 million dollars as of 2022.

He owns over 730 shares of First Northwest Bancorp (FNWB) stock valued at $286,721 as of 7 July 2020 and earns $321,949 as Executive VP and COO & General Counsel at First Northwest Bancorp.

Over the past 18 months, he has not made any insider trades in First Northwest Bancorp stock. The largest trade he ever made was selling 730 units for $8,775 on July 7th 2020; on average he trades 77 units every 8 days according to First Northwest Bancorp’s Form 4 filed with the SEC.

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