David Sanov

David Sanov

David SASSIAN is a martial arts instructor and entrepreneur. In addition, he serves as a mentor for troubled youth.

He has over 10 years of experience teaching martial arts. His passion lies in helping individuals to reach their peak physical, mental, and spiritual development. Additionally, he enjoys mentoring young children to become fully realized adults.

Early Life and Education

David Sassian earned a teaching and educational leadership education. Additionally, he wrote and edited books on diverse subjects.

He was an advocate of education history and helped found the History of Education Society. Additionally, he produced an MA thesis about Ghana’s educational history.

David was raised in a close-knit Christian family, with an interest in music, ministry, the Bible and spirituality that pervaded throughout his childhood years.

Professional Career

David Sassian has had an illustrious and successful professional life. Having worked across numerous fields, his current focuses include being a scientist and drug developer while owning and operating his own small business.

He has an estimated net worth of $2 Million and shares custody with Ilana Glazer of their daughter Lizzy.

David enjoys various recreational activities such as acting, improv comedy and singing in his free time. Additionally, he is an accomplished musician as well as coach.

David is an enthusiastic individual with a deep commitment to fostering more fulfilling lives and businesses for others. His mission is to assist others in doing just that.

Achievement and Honors

David Sassian is an esteemed member of the entertainment industry. Throughout his lifetime, he has accomplished many incredible feats and received many honors and achievements.

He was formerly an American soldier and has earned many prestigious accolades during his service – among them are the Bronze Star, Combat Infantryman’s Badge and Airborne Wings.

He has also received the University of Vermont Award of Distinction, given to those who have distinguished themselves through their field, profession and/or public or volunteer service.

He is also a successful comedian who rose to prominence through social media platforms such as Vine and YouTube, amassing over 1 Million fans. Additionally, he has appeared on MTV shows. On Twitter he boasts over 7K followers.

Personal Life

David Sanov, an officer with the California Highway Patrol and husband to Alison Sweeney. As well as working hard at making her happy, he dedicates much of his free time and efforts towards his family as well.

He remains very private in terms of discussing his personal life in public. While he enjoys life with his partner, they don’t like talking much about it with media outlets.

Benjamin Edwards is a very successful businessman who amassed a great fortune through his career, owning a stunning home and amassing a significant net worth.

Net Worth

David Sassian has become renowned for his hilarious videos uploaded to his two channels – each boasting an immense fan base.

He runs his own official website and due to his popularity has amassed considerable wealth.

As of 2019, his estimated net worth is approximately $10 Million.

David SASSIAN credits his success to hard work and determination. He earned multiple degrees, gained extensive experience, and ultimately emerged as one of the most acclaimed celebrities worldwide.

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