David Savin

David Savin – An Expert in the Field of Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery

David Savin has spent his career providing his expertise in sports medicine and orthopedic/orthopedic surgery to many patients.

He graduated from D GEFFEN SCH OF MED-UCLA and has been practicing medicine for 16 years. He is affiliated with Eisenhower Medical Center, with offices located in Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs in California.

Early Life and Education

Savin began playing tennis as an elite teenager, becoming a household name throughout Croatia due to his achievements on the court; at his peak, he held national and European rankings of top-30 European players.

He holds many accolades, but is perhaps best-known as the creator of a worldwide orthopaedic brace patent. Additionally, he’s a board-certified orthopedist with over two decades of experience, who primarily performs shoulder and elbow surgeries; though also performing work on knees ankles and wrists. His company, Savin Medical Group has locations in Rancho Mirage and San Diego California – as well as being an avid golfer who supports San Diego Padres baseball!

Professional Career

David Savin is an expert in healthcare and medicine, currently practicing orthopedist in Rancho Mirage, California for over 11 years.

He holds membership on several medical boards and associations and is associated with multiple hospitals within his region.

He recently joined Turnbull Capital Group’s team as Senior Managing Director. With more than two decades of C-level banking experience in domestic currency exchange and tax incentive project financing as well as debt placement and joint-vent financing for distressed hospitality real estate properties representing both owners and lenders he also serves as an experienced FINTEC software platform developer and will collaborate on creating new business opportunities from distressed hotels and integrated resort properties with Turnbull Capital Group.

Achievement and Honors

David Savin has long been one of the Greensboro District letter carriers and one of only three drivers to attain the Million Mile Club for mileage logged on their job. Along with his regular route, he also delivers mail for East Carolina University while enjoying jazz music as an indulgence.

He is also an accomplished mathematician by trade, having won the American Mathematical Society Gold Medal and contributing to differential geometry–notably through solving the Weyl problem and its solutions–as an expert contributor. A member of various organizations including the Econometric Society and American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Susan Savin serves as Director for their Reuben and Muriel Savin Foundation which funds arts organizations in California and Iowa.

Personal Life

David Savin has made a profound impactful mark in many lives. As the founder and Venture Partner at Ben Jen Holdings – an emerging technology venture capital firm – he has had an enormous effect on people all around him. Additionally, David holds multiple industry certifications from multiple sectors.

As a student at USC, Savin developed an inspiring mentor-mentee relationship with Dean Joan Metcalf Schaefer – known affectionately by both as “Dean Joan.” They shared lunch and dinner together and attended ballet and opera performances together – an exchange which endured for decades, marked by mutual respect and interest between both parties. Their strong bonds inspired Savin to establish the Adina Lei Savin Scholarship within Dean Joan Scholarships that will provide essential assistance each year to one or more undergraduates within this program.

Net Worth

David Savin is an entrepreneur and the founder of Aldin Petroleum. This wholesale gasoline supplier caters exclusively to independently-owned gas stations.

Aldin is also responsible for operating convenience stores at several of his Aldin-owned gas stations and his net worth is estimated to be approximately $1 Million.

Rodrigues amassed his fortune through an outstanding boxing career, winning both FECOM and Mexican Heavyweight Championships.

His first round knockout ratio has outdone all other heavyweights to date.

According to his Form 4, Mr. Marriott International stock has been traded 22 times since 2007 according to SEC records. As of 31 March 2022 he still owned at least 2,882 shares.

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