David Seybold

David Seybold, CEO of TTEC Digital

At eleven years old, Dave Seybold of Dunkirk, New York discovered oils. This inspired him to pursue art full time and eventually lead him into becoming an accomplished painter.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in art and teaching certification from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Upon graduation, he left teaching to pursue his ambition of becoming an independent artist.

Early Life and Education

David Seybold, CEO of TTEC Digital, began his career as a software developer within the financial services sector. Following an illustrious career as a technologist, he went on to become an executive in the digital transformation space.

He led global cloud and CX initiatives for IBM, Avanade NA, and Atos Americas, leading a team of highly qualified professionals to deliver cutting-edge solutions with scale. Leveraging his extensive partner networks, he saw these businesses expand exponentially.

He is an accomplished painter and sculptor who has been creating artwork since childhood. With a realisticist perspective, he captures the atmospheres, history and subtle nuances of rural Pennsylvania through depictions of old stone farmhouses, antiques, landscapes and still-lifes featuring freshly harvested fruits and flowers.

Professional Career

David Seybold has achieved great success in both business and the arts. His leadership style and knack for inspiring others is well-documented.

He possesses an array of skills and experiences that make him an excellent city manager. He is a good listener, adept at understanding issues quickly, asks pertinent questions, and follows through on his promises.

He has extensive professional experience, having held leadership roles in technology, pharmaceuticals and consulting. Furthermore, he served on the boards and executive committees for numerous organizations. At present, he serves as North American president for Atos – a technology company.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Seybold has had an illustrious career in technology and sports. As a member of the Philadelphia Athletics from 1901-1908, he earned himself a place of honor among fans with his legendary home run hitting ability.

He currently serves as North America CEO for French solutions provider Atos. Previously, he served as North American president of Avanade NA – a Microsoft joint venture. Additionally, he spent time working as a systems engineer at IBM and has extensive expertise in cloud and CX services.

Personal Life

Dave Seybold has spent his career in the consulting business, with an emphasis on technology-driven solutions. Most recently, he served as president of North American operations at Avanade – a joint venture between Microsoft and Adobe Systems.

Dave is a dynamic and experienced leader, possessing over three decades of global expertise in working with clients to design and implement technology solutions at scale. His personal philosophy revolves around inspiring leadership, creating business value, and cultivating an inclusive culture by listening first to understand a client’s requirements.

He had an avid passion for sports, as evidenced by his collection of jerseys from both Philadelphia Athletics and New York Giants. In addition to his sports memorabilia, he enjoyed reading books and spending time with family and friends.

Net Worth

Dave Seybold’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million. After holding various leadership roles at IBM, the executive is currently serving as North American president of Atos’ software and cloud business unit. Before that, he served as North American president of Avanade – a Microsoft joint venture providing technology services for financial institutions – where he spent 25 years. Earlier, Seybold served as global leader of IBM software and cloud solutions; according to his LinkedIn profile “he has had the pleasure of leading companies while driving revenue growth and cost reduction.” Furthermore, he is an author and frequent keynote speaker on entrepreneurship topics.

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