David Stonehill

David Stonehill

David Stonehill has been in media for over three decades. Known for his superb interviewing abilities and numerous prestigious awards, Stonehill is well respected within his field.

Stone Phillips earned his bachelor’s diploma in philosophy from Yale University, where he played for its 1976 Ivy League soccer championship team as quarterback and was honored with the F. Gordon Brown Award for academic and athletic leadership.

Early Life and Education

Early in his life, David Stonehill experienced many things – for instance he studied history and literature at school.

He played football for Yale University and received several awards for his performance. Additionally, he wrote and edited books related to educational issues.

He was also instrumental in founding and actively supporting the History of Education Society, providing a network of scholars as well as making historical information readily accessible for both them and to the general public.

Neill’s educational philosophy had an enormous effect on many individuals worldwide, particularly its emphasis on child-centric learning.

Professional Career

David Stonehill has long been dedicated to education. As a lifelong devoted educator, he believes academic challenge and rigorous inquiry are central components of an all-encompassing education experience. At Stonehill College he ensures all his students are challenged academically in the classroom; physically engaged during studies; and provided with opportunities for service that foster strong bonds in community life.

Stonehill faculty, driven by their commitment to education, work alongside students and staff in an environment which fosters academic challenge and rigorous inquiry, physical wellness and personal responsibility, while upholding tradition through service learning opportunities that promote lifelong self-discovery. Their mission reflects this dedication through producing graduates equipped with knowledge, skills and character needed to have positive effects in their communities as well as throughout life.

Achievement and Honors

Stonehill Academy is delighted to offer merit scholarships and awards in recognition of outstanding academic achievements. Students are chosen based on overall academic performance, rank in class and the rigorousness of their high school curriculum choice.

The Skyhawks have assembled a formidable non-conference schedule, consisting of matches against Holy Cross, Providence and Lehigh from the Northeast Conference (NE-10), as well as Vermont from America East in order to prepare themselves for starting play in their NE Conference schedule in September – including tonight’s game against Buffalo at Merkert Gymnasium.

Stonehill College’s 1948 Loyalty Society is an exclusive group of donors who make four out of six gifts each year to the College, including GOLD Alumni (Graduates of the Last Decade). Through these annual donations, their support helps maintain and enrich Stonehill’s mission and transnational education experience.

Personal Life

David Stonehill served as a reporter at WXIA-TV, an NBC affiliate television station for two years before leaving to build his internet value.

He left NBC News in 2007 when they did not renew his $7 million contract, eventually joining PBS NewsHour as reporting contributor.

Lacey Chabert and he share one daughter together named Julia. Despite an active social life, their lives tend to remain low-key; therefore they don’t often appear in media coverage.

Net Worth

David Stonehill, an iconic TV personality and comedian with an estimated net worth of US$1 Million, amassed this fortune through appearing in several television programs and films.

He has long been involved with the entertainment industry. With an enormous fan base and well-recognized comedy skits on YouTube, he is well known.

Presently, he serves as Executive Producer of the Rubin Report and TYT Network and Ora TV productions.

He once filed for divorce from supermodel Lara Stone citing unreasonable behaviour as the reason for their split in 2015. Yet despite this he remains friendly with Lou.

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