David Stoop

David Stoop – A Pioneer in Christian Recovery

David Stoop was one of the pioneers to combine counseling and religion. His best-selling books and Bibles sold millions, while millions heard his wisdom on New Life radio.

Stoup, as principal engineer on Kitware’s Computer Vision (CV) Team, leads in the creation of two open source toolkits – Fletch and KWIVER. He works alongside students enrolled in Kitware’s Open Source Technology Program.

Early Life and Education

David Stoup was born in Drumore Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to parents who immigrated from Scotland. Together they lived on the frontier of colonial Pennsylvania clearing land while prospering.

David was raised with four strong sons, all of whom survived to work the frontier without much debt. David’s father owned one of the larger farms in Drumore Township in Lancaster County and could provide funds for his education.

At 21 years old, David married Rachel Craighead. Their marriage lasted nearly 60 years until Rachel died at 86. Rachel was an example of strong piety who taught David about it.

Professional Career

David Stoop was an early pioneer of Christian recovery and an esteemed best-selling author, international lecturer and preacher, radio counselor, licensed clinical psychologist co-founding the Center for Family Therapy in Newport Beach California as well as serving as adjunct professor at Fuller Seminary Pasadena California.

He was one of the pioneers of successfully merging faith and counseling, using it to assist millions over decades-long career as an exemplary husband, father and grandfather. Tragically he passed away of a stroke in 2021 but what stands out most about his life is how it never lost its sense of humor or zest for living even through its most trying periods – this will surely be missed – the best way to remember him would be living well oneself!

Achievement and Honors

David Stoup was an icon in the beauty and cosmetics arena. Over his distinguished career he co-founded La Prairie Inc and Phillip Kingsley Products Inc, Colors & Scents and Perry Ellis Shoes among many other ventures – and more than 30 years in total as an executive at various businesses! As well as being an accomplished entrepreneur he also played many other roles throughout his life; one notable being as CEO of Elizabeth Arden Salon Holdings where his efforts led to its transformation from an obscure jewel into its current incarnation today!

Personal Life

David Stoup was a clinical psychologist, best-selling author, and Christian recovery pioneer who died on March 10th following suffering a stroke at age 83. He had been married to Dr. Jan Stoop for 63 years prior to this.

He co-edited the Life Recovery Bible, one of Tyndale House Publishers’ top selling products and co-edited the 1999 ECPA Gold Medallion Bible of the Year award.

Stoup serves both as a technical engineer and mentor to students enrolled in Kitware’s Open Source Technology Program. He assists them with setting their goals and attending regular standup meetings to make sure that their work adheres to Kitware’s coding standards. Furthermore, he assists in the maintenance and updating of its two primary open source toolkits: Fletch and KWIVER.

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