David Strachman

David Strachman, Attorney at Law

David Strachman has been practicing law for over 30 years with a primary emphasis in family and elder/probate law. As an associate certified trial attorney at Rhode Island Supreme Court he has litigated cases in Family Court, Rhode Island Probate Courts, and federal District Courts across Rhode Island.

He serves as lead counsel in The Estates Of Yaron Ungar and Efrat Ungar by and through Administrator Strachman against The PA and its members (collectively known as “Defendants”). This action was filed March 13, 2000 pursuant to 18 U.S.C SS 2333 et seq.

Early Life and Education

david strachman is a graduate of both Brandeis University and Boston University School of Law, and has over three decades of legal practice experience as both family law and elder/probate attorney. With special expertise in areas including contested divorce, child support and custody agreements, adoption, elder abuse/exploitation cases and estate administration; intellectual property law, antitrust issues and securities he is also highly adept in. In his years in practice he has served as counsel on some of the largest corporate mergers/acquisitions/division agreements ever undertaken during that period – his experience includes counseling on some of these transactions ever undertaken during that period of time.

Professional Career

David Strachman specializes in family law (divorce, alimony, support, custody and adoptions) as well as elder/probate law (guardianships, probate and trust litigation). Additionally he handles complex civil litigation. David is an experienced trial attorney with vast knowledge in numerous civil matters; in particular multiple lawsuits brought on behalf of American terrorism victims against various foreign governments that resulted in judgments in excess of half a billion dollars against these governments.

His memberships include both the American Bar Association and Rhode Island Bar Association, where he serves on their Family Law Section Councils. In addition, he has written numerous legal articles on family and probate law topics for publication such as A Practical Guide to Divorce in Rhode Island and A Practical Guide to Probate in Rhode Island as well as giving presentations at many continuing legal education programs.

Achievement and Honors

David Strachan achieved great things both on and off the field during his 62-year life. From playing goalie for his high school hockey team, to earning his bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College, teaching mathematics at Nichols and chairing its department for over 30 years – including serving on Elmwood-Franklin School board, creating funds to provide summer stipends to faculty traveling for work or attending continuing education courses – and founding its first fund to support faculty taking travel or continuing education courses, David made history while creating lasting legacies in every aspect of life he encountered – both literally and metaphorically speaking! He and Amy shared 62 years of marriage before divorced due to personal circumstances arising out of divorce proceedings that involved their marriage resulting in three children being raised as adults!

He was especially fond of spending time with his family in Kennebunkport, Maine where he would ride his Mini Moke beach buggy frequently. Unfortunately, he passed away at age 88 on November 9.

Personal Life

David Strachman has over three decades of legal experience. His practice specializes in family (divorce, support, custody, adoption, pernuptial agreements and paternity) and elder/probate law (guardianship, estate administration and will contests). Additionally, he lectures frequently on legal topics related to family and probate law. He holds membership with the Rhode Island Bar Association and lectures frequently on relevant legal topics related to family and probate law.

In March, Ungar successfully won a $116 million terror judgment against the Palestinian Authority and its members Abu Hamdiya, Rahman Ghanimat, Hor and Ibrahim Kafishe for their roles in a 1996 terrorist attack that killed Yaron Ungar (an American) and Efrat (an Israeli). As part of the litigation that ensued from this event, over $1 billion worth of Palestinian assets in America were frozen as part of this litigation process; The Boston Globe reports this is the first judgment awarded under a 1991 law designed to allow Americans to sue foreign entities for acts of terrorism civilly.

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