David Sugich

David Sugich

David Sugich is an accomplished leader with an expansive network and creative flair. He assists clients in generating ideas and finding solutions to their problems.

He boasts an extensive and varied professional background in law, government and industry. Prior to joining 2U, he served as Chief Communications and Engagement Officer at Brunswick Group.

He also dedicates his time to various nonprofit boards. He says that he enjoys the variety of perspectives and skillsets he gains from these engagements.

Early Life and Education

Educators have long acknowledged the significance of early childhood education (ECE). This field encompasses formal and informal educational programs that support children’s growth and development between birth and five years old.

Childhood experiences have the potential for lasting impacts on a child’s brain development and future learning capacity, so the quality of their caregiver relationships and environment should not be overlooked.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) states that these formative years are critical in developing social skills and self-esteem for children. Furthermore, they lay the groundwork for cognitive and physical growth throughout a child’s life.

David Sugich is a Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Early Childhood Education (BAECE). At National, he studies the significance of early childhood education and its influence on children’s lives. In addition to classroom learning, every class requires students to complete five hours of field experience as part of their course requirements.

Personal Life

David Sugich is renowned in the kaleidoscope community for his inventive use of stained glass with intricate, sacred geometrical designs. Hailing from Santa Barbara, California, he and his wife Nadreh are active participants in encouraging aspiring artists to come out of their shells and create original work. Additionally, they perform their signature song, “Kaleidoscope,” at events across America such as Lightning in a Bottle, Serenity Gathering, Lucidity, Arise Symbiosis Summer Meltdown Tipper N Friends Resonate Gem & Jam and Beloved.

Kaleidoscopes come alive with live music, providing viewers with a captivating experience and breathtaking sight.

Net Worth

David Sugich is a tech entrepreneur and investor with an impressive net worth. His impressive business career includes founding Yammer and co-founding Craft Ventures.

His wealth has grown to an impressive $250 million. He has invested in various businesses and continues to support philanthropic causes as well.

He boasts a sizable real estate portfolio, recently selling his $22 million property in Silicon Valley to renowned corporate mogul Bill McDermott and purchasing a $17 million mansion in Miami Beach for an undisclosed sum.

David Sacks has made it a priority to give back to the community with his money, regardless of how it’s spent. He has donated millions to charitable organizations and invested in candy factories, real estate investments and initial public offerings (IPOs).

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