David Tolan

David Tolan – The Man With ADD Who Wants to Build a Business

David Tolan is a young man with attention deficit disorder who dreams of building his own business. His ability to come up with inventive ideas and creativity have enabled him to achieve success.

David finds employment at Morris Travel, run by June Morris (whose mother had been friends with David’s mother). Eventually, David becomes one of their most successful employees.

Early Life and Education

David Tolan was born and raised in Pennsylvania, graduating from his local high school before attending Oberlin College.

Oberlin College is the second oldest higher education institution still active today and home to the Oberlin Conservatory. It’s renowned for its progressive student activism and was one of the first colleges to accept women and African Americans alike.

David studied biochemistry, which is a field that involves life sciences. After graduating in 2002, he worked as a research technician at Merck Pharmaceutical Company and served as both an instructor and researcher. These accomplishments have earned him an impressive net worth of $2 million dollars.

Professional Career

David Tolan has had an illustrious career as a financial advisor. He has held various positions within various companies and is currently employed as a Senior Financial Advisor with Summitry.

He has a deep-seated passion for helping others reach their objectives and hopes to keep doing so. Additionally, he loves spending time with his family.

David Tolan is an accomplished business professional renowned for his ability to streamline processes, reduce expenses and provide superior client service. Additionally, he stands as a champion of change during times of rapid technological and business evolution.

Achievements and Honors

David Tolan is a well-known YouTube star and has won several prestigious awards. As an ex-contributor to Vine video platform, his humorous videos have gained him many fans.

He has also written numerous books on various subjects. As an avid reader, he loves spending time with his family and friends.

David is an ordained minister with credentials from Redemption Ministerial Fellowship International. With over 25 years of ministry experience and a passion for leadership development in both professional and personal life, David has served on the boards of directors for multiple companies and is highly sought-after as a speaker on leadership and management topics.

Personal Life

David Tolan is a successful social media personality that has achieved worldwide fame. Additionally, he has starred in several movies and TV shows.

He is renowned for his comedic skits on YouTube, yet he remains out of the public eye and has never had any type of relationship.

His personal life consists of being married and the father of a daughter by his wife, whom he has known for three years.

He is renowned for his passion for music. As a teenager, he began learning how to sing and joined Orchestra Expressions – where he sang lead. Subsequently, he competed on Pop Idol as part of their lineup.

Net Worth

David Tolan has amassed a substantial net worth over time. His comedic sketches on TikTok have gained him many fans on social media platforms like his own.

He also owns and operates a successful real estate firm with his partner James Harris. Together they have sold multiple million-dollar homes and are featured on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles show.

The reality star, originally from New Jersey but currently residing in Kentucky for many years, has struggled with his weight for some time. Despite these difficulties, he recently managed to shed 10 pant sizes and is striving to lead a healthier lifestyle.

David’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $13 Million as of 2020. He boasts an enormous social media following and is widely regarded as one of the top YouTubers worldwide.

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