David Upton

David Upton

David Upton is a renowned songwriter and vocalist renowned for crafting lyrics that move people’s souls. As both a worship leader and performer, his passion lies in leading people to encounter God.

He is currently the worship pastor for Overdrive, the Rock n Roll Worship Venue at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. He leads worship services with churches nationwide, sharing his authentic and heartfelt music with an appreciative audience.

Early Life and Education

David Upton had to live with the consequences of his decisions throughout his life. He experienced both good and bad sides to life, yet chose to focus on finding the right path rather than dwelling on the wrong ones.

His early life was marked by family difficulties and drug addiction, yet he possessed an unwavering determination to conquer these obstacles and create a better life for himself.

He pursued his ambition of becoming a writer by enrolling at New York City’s City College and Columbia University. While writing dime novels and working as a journalist, his interest in socialism led him to write The Jungle (1904), an explosive novel about meatpackers’ mistreatment.

Professional Career

David Upton holds a variety of professional affiliations. He is an active participant in both the American Accounting Association and Institute of Management Accountants, while also holding the position of Associate Professor of Accounting and Finance at UNCG.

As a musician, he enjoys blending different musical styles and genres together to convey his message clearly and concisely.

He has a deep-seated desire to share his music and make an impact on those around him. As worship pastor at Overdrive, Rick Warren’s Rock n Roll Worship Venue at Saddleback Church, as well as leading worship for several other ministries and churches across America, his passion is clear.

Achievements and Honors

David Upton has earned a variety of distinctions and awards. As an inspirational bipartisan leader, his efforts have had an immense impact on those around him.

He is an advocate for healthcare innovation and research. He co-authored the 21st Century Cures Act, which was passed during a recent congressional session.

He is an eminent leader in medication safety. A true pioneer, he has dedicated his life to this cause.

Personal Life

David Upton has a deep-seated love of music and an eagerness to inspire his audiences into true worship. Whether singing at his hometown church of Saddleback or leading at various churches and conferences across America, David strives to be an effective messenger of God’s word.

David has experienced many ups and downs as a Christian, but ultimately found peace through God’s loving intervention that had greater plans for him in the future.

Net Worth

Upton’s fortune comes from his family businesses and service in Congress. His paternal grandfather invented an early version of the electric washing machine and founded what would later become Whirlpool, a home appliance giant.

He owns a business that rents heavy equipment and CraneWorks, an industrial crane rental firm. Additionally, he holds shares in Hollingsworth Capital Partners which refurbishes factories and other industrial buildings nationwide.

The 15 wealthiest members of Congress collectively possess an estimated net worth of $1.3 billion, making up half the estimated wealth for the 115th Congress. We calculated each member’s estimated net worth by analyzing financial disclosure reports filed in 2020.

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