David Vawter

South Carolina Association for Middle Level Education Honors David Vawter

South Carolina Association for Middle Level Education recently honored David Vawter of Winthrop University Secondary Social Studies Education Coordinator as one of its distinguished teaching awards.

Vawter has been teaching since 1998 and has dedicated much of his career to helping teachers enhance their classroom techniques and to train teachers-in-training to support low-income students.

Early Life and Education

David Vawter was born April 2, 1783. Initially he resided near Holston River in eastern Tennessee before moving to Kentucky and eventually Madison, Indiana for good.

He married Sarah Watts, the daughter of Judge John Watts and Sarah Sebree, in 1816 and together they had eleven children – John W., Jesse Holman, Frances Johnson Johnson Willaim C Willaim C Milton S James S Newton W Fanny S and Susan E

After serving in the US Army, Vawter became one of the premier actors on New York’s downtown theater scene before his death in 1994. This book marks his specific contributions to ensemble theatre as well as solo work.

Professional Career

David Vawter is an esteemed advertising and marketing guru with an impressive client roster that spans multiple industries and professions. Over his two-decade career, he has held leadership positions at some of the industry’s premier agencies.

Doe-Anderson of Louisville currently employs him as both executive vice president and chief creative officer. Since joining as a junior copywriter in 1985, he has lead global campaigns for brands like Chevrolet, Daimler/Chrysler, Blockbuster, Minute Maid Lexmark PNC Bank amongst many others. One such campaign for Honda garnered him multiple accolades such as an Effie Award and was recognized in Advertising Age/Wall Street Journal’s annual awards issue; additional notable honors have also come his way over time.

Achievement and Honors

David Vawter has had an outstanding career in education. Notable achievements of his include being the founding and President of the Center for Research on Teaching and Learning at University of Tennessee at Martin, an educational research and service organization focused on helping teachers improve student achievement.

As a proud Air Force Academy alumni association member and avid pet lover, his hobbies include owning a corgi-golden mix dog named Lola as well as teaching tennis and dance classes. One of his greatest athletic accomplishments during collegiate athletics was being named national champion of varsity basketball at UVa Cavaliers as captaining their winning squad during 2002 NCAA Division II playoffs – thanks to their good old’ boy network!

Personal Life

David Vawter had a deep-seated commitment to his community throughout his life. He served on numerous boards of directors and was an active member of the Brown County Art Gallery Association.

As a teacher, David has an avid interest in effective teaching and learning practices within secondary classrooms. As such, he regularly shares his knowledge of effective teaching techniques at seminars across North America with thousands of teachers.

He enjoys painting and playing tennis in his free time, as well as spending time with his family and their corgi-golden mix dog, named Monnie.

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