David Waymire

David Waymire

David Waymire combines his enthusiasm for winning with an extensive knowledge of government with a passionate desire to make Michigan a better place for everyone. As an accomplished public affairs consultant, his expertise is widely respected throughout the state of Michigan.

David passed away on February 16, 2019. Survived by his wife Anne; children Kevin & Candice Waymire, Alison & David Ruggles, Alicia Seremet and Matthew & Sarah Waymire as well as Aaron Waymire; grandchildren Tyler, Trevor, Brianna, Brendan, Nicole, Olivia Liam Mason Vivian; brothers-in-law Michael & Margaret Messina Frank & Joan Messina Florinda & Bernard Sturgeon plus numerous nieces and nephews.

Early Life and Education

David Waymire was born in Albany, New York to parents who immigrated from Hanover, Germany and served in the Revolutionary War.

He began as a farmer, later owning and operating an expansive general store in Garfield, Missouri. Beyond his business endeavors, he was an active figure in his community.

His interest in politics wasn’t as keen as it is now, but he always demonstrated an intelligent and well-informed concern for local and national issues. He served on the Garfield township board, school board and treasurer.

He was an enthusiastic supporter of the township cemetery, where he was interred alongside his beloved wife Rose at Crane Community Cemetery. Additionally, The Stone County Historical/Genealogical Society plans to commemorate him with a memorial service in his honor.

Professional Career

David Waymire is a public relations expert with an impressive record of work to make Michigan better. As partner in a Lansing firm that offers PR and issue management services to clients throughout the state, his dedication has earned him widespread respect among his colleagues.

He has extensive experience in a range of industries and policy areas, such as health care, utilities and energy, telecommunications, high tech, Native American casinos, K-12 education, higher education institutions, local/county governments and the beverage industry. Furthermore, he led several statewide ballot initiatives and served as consultant on a ballot measure that ended partisan gerrymandering by creating an independent citizens redistricting commission.

He has earned several national awards for his strategizing and implementation of issue management and communication plans. One award, the Kelly Rossman-McKinney Communications Professional Award, was named in memory of a reporter who passed away while covering an important story for Michigan Press Association.

Achievement and Honors

David Waymire has earned himself a variety of distinctions. He received the Kelly Rossman-McKinney Communications Professional Award from the Michigan Press Association, an honor given to those in communication who go above and beyond to ensure accurate information is shared with the public.

He is also the proud recipient of Golf Course Management magazine’s Leo Feser Award, presented annually to the author of the best superintendent-written article published during the previous year.

Graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, he spent 12 years reporting from southern Illinois, Flint and Lansing before entering public relations in 1990. Since then he has earned numerous state and national awards for strategizing on some of Michigan’s most contentious issues as well as developing issue management plans and communication campaigns that have been highly successful.

Personal Life

David Waymire was born on October 31, 1953 and passed away on February 16, 2019. At 69 years old, he was in the prime of life.

David Martin Waymire is a founding partner at Martin Waymire with an enthusiasm for winning, an interest in government, and an ambition to make Michigan a better place for all. These traits have driven him to achieve great results and foster an environment that benefits all Michiganders.

Marshal David Waymire tragically passed away from a gunshot wound sustained when attempting to arrest two men wanted for stealing an automobile in Oklahoma. The man responsible, John Smith, later committed suicide after being found at a barn near Marionville where he told an acquaintance about having killed Chief Waymire; shortly thereafter he committed suicide with a revolver. It is believed this marked the last act of an intensely personal career marked by violence and tragedy.

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