David Wipper

David Wipper

David Wipper is an award-winning singer and musician. His classical training melds seamlessly with his experiences in popular music and film to form his distinctive sound.

His unique style can be heard on GRAMMY-award winning hit song, “Black Velvet”. Additionally, he performs at weddings and other special occasions that require ambience.

Early Life and Education

David Wipper was born February 24th 1932 and attended the University of Toronto where he earned degrees in Physical and Health Education, Social Work and Education.

He was an active student athlete, coach, teacher and mentor – serving as captain of the varsity wrestling team, winning three league championships and being an assistant coach for six seasons.

He was an enthusiastic outdoor enthusiast and inspired his students, colleagues and friends to participate in physical exercise. In 1955 he founded the Kanawa International Museum of Canoes Kayaks and Rowing Craft – pioneering Canadian outdoor education through this institution.

Professional Career

David Wipper was known for pursuing various fields within his career. In particular, his advertising experience included working at Buntin Advertising of Nashville; Burton Campbell Kelly of Atlanta; Bozell of Dallas; and RBW Raleigh.

He served as litigation attorney to both public and private companies in various complex matters – consumer class actions and regulatory concerns among them – representing them before courts and regulators alike. Furthermore, he specializes in securities litigation for public companies as well as SEC investigations.

He was also an influential leader within the Lifesaving Society, serving as Field Rep, Area Chair and member of multiple committees. A tireless contributor since 1975 to every program revision initiative within the Society and an invaluable source for its staff instructors and lifeguards, his invaluable guidance made an immeasurable difference for lifesaving.

Achievement and Honors

David was both an accomplished artist and acclaimed guitarist, having performed with multiple bands from high school through university. Additionally, his background also extended to songwriting and production.

David’s paintings have been displayed at galleries and invitational art shows for decades. In 1985, his painting Chippawa Hunter won the Buffalo Bill Historical Museum Purchase Award in Cody Wyoming.

He also made an indelible mark on Varsity athletics as both student-athlete and coach; helping the Blues capture three league championships during his tenure with them.

Personal Life

David Wipper has dedicated much of his life to music. With extensive recording and concert performance experience under his belt, his life is dedicated to musical excellence.

His classical training blends perfectly with his background in popular music and film to produce an original sound, ideal for dining events, wedding receptions and corporate gatherings.

Hazel and David Tyson have worked closely on several projects together. Together they have collaborated with musicians such as Terry Brown and Kevin Doyle.

He is the Founder and National Director for Canada of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and also an explorer and author.

Net Worth

David Wipper is an American businessman and hedge fund manager who boasts an estimated net worth of over $16 billion. Additionally, he owns sports team the Carolina Panthers as well as contributing millions in donations to charitable organizations and political candidates.

He is best known for founding Appaloosa Management in 1993 – an unorthodox distressed debt hedge fund which quickly flourished during its formative years.

Within six months, this fund delivered 57% returns on its assets and experienced growth to $300 Million by 1994; $450 Million by 1995 and $800 Million by 1996.

Marlene Resnick and he divorced in 2016, after 31 years together. Later he married Nicole Bronish and have one daughter named Casey together.

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