Dean Mcdermott Tori Spelling

Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling

Canadian actor and reality television personality Dean McDermott is married to actress Tori Spelling. He hosts the cooking competition Chopped Canada, and he was known for playing the role of Constable Renfield Turnbull on Due South. He has a strong chemistry with Spelling, and the couple has a young daughter. Dean has also appeared on films such as The Revenant, Spectre and The Deuce.

In a recent interview with Sirius XM’s Jeff Lewis Live, Dean and Tori confirmed that they do not share a bed. The actress also revealed that she has five kids, and that Dean has recently left her to shoot in another country. Rumours of a split have circulated online since the split. Dean has not been seen on the actress’ social media accounts. A source close to Spelling told E! News that she was preparing to file for divorce from the actor. According to the source, she believed there was no way out for the couple but was optimistic.

The couple hasn’t confirmed whether they’re still married, and the rumors circulating on the internet are that the two are sleeping apart. The couple have been photographed together, however, without wedding rings. In March 2021, Spelling was spotted outside of her lawyer’s office holding a notepad with terms for custody, support, and assets. McDermott was also photographed without her wedding band. McDermott claims she lost it, but it’s not clear if she did.

Although the relationship has been rocky, the two have remained friends for several years. They have a son, Jack, and have been married ten years. They met on the set for “Mind Over Murder”.

The children of the couple have been in touch via social media. This is a sign that the couple’s marriage is still working. Tori is a mother, and her children are her number one priority. The two are a good fit for each other, and their children are happy and healthy. If they can stay together, the kids will be fine, too. Even if they are not happy, they will stay together for their children.

In 2007, McDermott and Spelling tied the knot in Fiji after only meeting for the first time. They also welcomed their son Liam that month. They were also reality TV stars when they renovated a bed & breakfast in the French Alps. Later, the couple titled their new reality show Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. The two are still happily married and have five children.

Despite the rumors that the couple have split, McDermott and Spelling are still close friends. They are close friends and love their children. However, it is not clear if this relationship will last. They are raising their children in the spotlight. They have been open about how hard it is to deal with trolls on social media. They have been honest and open in their interactions.

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