Demi Bourbon

Demi Bourbon – A Lover’s Guide

Demi Bourbon is a great choice if you’re looking for a good cocktail. She is an ESTP (extroverted sensitive personality), spunky, and strong-hearted. When she tells you “you’re not a very good friend,” it doesn’t mean she’s saying you’re untrustworthy, but it does mean she’s worried about you and has confidence in her own abilities. If you’re a lover, you’ll love Demi’s willingness to try anything – from cocktails to music – for you.

Demi Bourbon is a confident romantic and has had a few flings with friends and allies. But she hasn’t had a serious relationship in years. While she may be good when she’s feeling good, she’s not so great when she’s down. If you think she won’t find the right person for you, get in touch with a friend. It’s much easier to flirt with someone you’ve known for a while than to search for someone new.

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