Dependable Dave

The Life of Dependable Dave

Dependable Dave is known for keeping his word and always answering his phone and responding promptly to calls or inquiries.

Dave has over 45 years of experience driving various rigs and training new drivers in trucking. His expertise can be shared via Smart Trucking, which offers independent trucking services.

Early Life and Education

Reliable Dave has quickly become one of the leading figures in self-improvement thanks to his inspirational messages and motivational speeches. But before becoming famous, his childhood was far from easy – yet despite this struggle he managed to overcome them and go on to become an acclaimed entrepreneur and author. Additionally he actively advocates for mental health initiatives, working tirelessly towards improving lives affected by it.

Dave Hollis grew up in Modesto, Northern California with two siblings. He and his sister formed a close bond that often led them spending time together; both attended high school at the same time; both became electrical contractors; later merging their businesses into Dependable Electric that soon became one of California’s premier electrical firms.

Professional Career

Dave is the creator of Smart Trucking, a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to trucking tips for experienced and novice drivers alike. His knowledge has helped thousands of drivers improve their driving skills, negotiate higher pay and launch independent trucking businesses. Over 4 Million Accident-Free Miles on His Record as Well As 45 Years Trucker Certification from TWIC/FAST

Dependable Electric is owned and managed by John and specializes in both residential and commercial work. John takes great pleasure in providing his customers with quality installations. Additionally, John enjoys working with his hands, deep sea fishing, and skiing – hobbies which all play into his success in business.

Achievement and Honors

South London rapper Dave has won multiple accolades throughout his career, such as Ivor Novello and Brit awards. Psychodrama debuted at number one with one of the largest first week streams ever for a UK rap album.

Unfailing his many accolades, he was awarded breakthrough artist of the year at the 2022 GRM Rated Awards, earning track and video of the year awards with “Clash” (featuring Stormzy).

Dave at the Brits tore into the government over its response to Grenfell Tower fire and called Prime Minister Boris Johnson “a real racist”. Additionally, he addressed how media has treated Meghan Markle.

Personal Life

Dave Hollis has proven time and time again his ability to overcome challenges and forge ahead with life’s journey, including illness and divorce. A dedicated husband and father, his focus has always been family and relationships over material possessions.

He is an astute observer of human nature and adept at recognizing best practices in leadership and business. Additionally, he has long championed mental health awareness initiatives while helping many cope with challenging circumstances.

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Net Worth

Dave Portnoy founded his digital platform in 2003 and has gone on to turn it into an online empire – amassing over $100 Million through hard work and determination alone!

He has set net worth financial goals that he works toward exceeding each year, helping to expand his overall wealth and achieve satisfaction from fulfilling them.

He is a musician, and has amassed enormous earnings through his musical career. His albums have sold more than 1,800,000 units worldwide while numerous singles he released went platinum. Furthermore, his profile within the music industry and international popularity contributed significantly to his enormous earnings from tours performed throughout his career.

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