Detroit Man Robbed

Detroit Man Robbed at Gunpoint

A robber is still at large after a Detroit man was robbed at gunpoint. Investigators believe that he claimed to be a police officer and demanded money from the teller. Authorities are searching for two suspects. One was arrested Monday, and the other is on the loose. Detroit police are asking anyone with information to contact them. Police are also looking for the vehicle of the suspect.

The robbery occurred in a Southwest Detroit neighborhood, where many people frequent crack dens. The suspect, Tony Dawson, was a former felon who lived there. He pulled out a Beretta and fired it at the clerk’s eye level. As he fired the gun, the clerk was surprised and frightened. The robber stole the cash and fled the scene. However, the robber was caught within two steps from the register.

A suspect has been arrested in the case. The suspect is an alleged gang member, and is expected to be tried in federal court on Dec. 12. He pleaded guilty in court to conspiracy and bank robbery. He was convicted of one count for bank robbery. The robber also attempted to rob a few other locations in Michigan. One of the robberies was at a Kay Jewelers in Dearborn, and another occurred in Mahoning County.

The police also captured the suspect on surveillance video. The man was attacked with a gun and took a gold chain worth $20,000. Local news reports said that the suspect was wearing black clothing with a white bandana in his back right pocket. Police believe the suspect was trying to steal jewelry. It is not clear what the motive was for the suspect.

After the robbery, the victim was transported to the hospital. He later died from his injuries. The suspect was identified as Marquise Walker, and an investigation by the Detroit Police Department led to his arrest. He was arraigned in 36th District Court, and a probable cause conference was set for May 24, 2022. During the hearing, he will be questioned by the prosecutor about the charges against him.

Towns was sentenced to life after pleading guilty. He was found guilty in July of first-degree felony murder, armed robbery, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. Towns’ mother is also blaming herself. After the sentencing hearing, he was sentenced to nearly 24 years in prison.

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