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Dick Gregory Net Worth – How Much Is Dick Gregory Worth?

On August 19th 2017 Dick Gregory passed away at 84. Known for his no-holds-barred performances which addressed racism and bigotry in society, as well as being an avid vegetarian activist and civil rights advocate, Gregory also was an animal rights campaigner and civil liberties supporter.

As part of his career, he entertained audiences at comedy clubs and released several comedy albums. Additionally, he founded Health Enterprises which distributed products such as Bahamian Diet Nutritional Drink.

Early Life and Education

Dick Gregory was born October 12 in St Louis, Missouri and spent most of his childhood shining shoes to help support his family financially. A talented athlete, he won the state cross country championship and earned a scholarship at Southern Illinois University; but after being drafted in 1954 he decided to focus more on comedy than athletics.

Begun his career at black nightclubs like Esquire and Roberts show clubs. However, Hugh Hefner noticed him and hired him for his Playboy club in Chicago.

Gregory combined comedy with social commentary during the 1960s, criticizing American involvement in Vietnam and racism while selling his diet plan as part of a health business venture.

Professional Career

Gregory began performing comedy in Chicago nightclubs in the early 1950s, using his wit and satire to address issues of race and social inequality. Hugh Hefner noticed him and invited him to perform at his Playboy Club – providing Gregory an opportunity to reach a wider audience.

His activism included support of civil rights movements and protest against Vietnam War. Additionally, he held firm to his beliefs that the Federal Bureau of Investigation may have played a role in assassinating Martin Luther King Jr.; conducting his own personal study into this matter that was later published in book form.

Erwin was also an entrepreneur, founding Health Enterprises as a weight loss drug distribution company. Additionally, he published several books and was an activist fighting for both humans and animals’ wellbeing.

Achievement and Honors

Dick Gregory was a comedian, vegetarian activist and civil rights leader. He first gained prominence during the 60s through his comedy routines that lampooned racism and bigotry; eventually becoming politically active through numerous hunger strikes and political activism.

He was an outstanding athlete, earning a track scholarship to Southern Illinois University, where he set school records in both half-mile and mile distance events. Unfortunately, his college career was cut short when he was drafted into the United States Army.

Following his discharge, he turned to comedy performance and eventually found work at the Chicago Playboy Club. Additionally, he appeared in various television programs and released numerous comedy albums before marrying Lillian and having 11 children together.

Personal Life

Dick Gregory was born October 12 in St Louis, Missouri, United States. He became an entrepreneur, writer, civil rights activist and comedian known for his no-holds barred sets mocking racism and bigotry in America. Additionally he authored multiple books and recorded multiple comedy albums.

He made his first debut performance at Apex nightclub and later went on to appear on Jack Paar’s The Tonight Show and other programs. A fierce supporter of human rights causes, he even went on a hunger strike to raise awareness for them.

Gregory became involved with the civil rights movement during the 1960s and regularly performed at prisons and organizations dedicated to civil rights work. Additionally, he entered into the health food business and created the Bahamian Diet Nutrition Drink as well as becoming involved with health food product distribution companies.

Net Worth

Dick Gregory made an unforgettable mark on society through his comic and writing careers, activism, and political engagement. Utilizing his platform to advocate against racism, his commitment to positive societal change was crucial in securing his success as a comedian and writer.

His entrepreneurial drive inspired him to establish Health Enterprises, a distributor of weight-loss products geared toward meeting the needs of black communities. He created diet drinks and powdered mixes which garnered multimillion-dollar distribution contracts.

His legacy will live on through his wife and 11 children who carry on his legacy by participating in civil rights demonstrations such as Selma protests and Watts riots, or by writing-in as President candidate. He leaves a wife and children who continue his legacy of inspiration and empowerment.

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