Did Alexis Wirth Get Married

How Kleinfeld Helped Alexis Wirth Get Married

When it comes to the couple whose wedding we are most looking forward to in 2020, Alexis Wirth and Joe Talarico have to be at the top of every single list. After all, they live in Playa Vista, are big fans of The Bachelor and their love of all things romantic is sexy to say the least.

Getting engaged and married in Playa Vista has always been a dream come true for the couple, who spend their spare time exploring their beloved neighborhood, eating their way through Millennium Drive or walking their dog Everly. It was their first date at Sweet Fish, one of the many spots where Alexis and Joe became instant kin, that set the stage for their fairytale romance.

It’s been a long five idyllic years, and it all began with an impulsive trip to the gym back in 2014. Then-single Alexis joined LA Fitness and invested in a personal trainer — which she referred to as her “sexy therapist.” But a promotion at the gym drew her attention away from her trainer and into Joe’s arms.

They quickly hit it off and the duo have been inseparable since. They are now engaged and planning their upcoming wedding in Playa Vista, where they will host a reception for their friends and family.

Best of all, they were able to have the wedding they wanted for their special day thanks to a little help from Kleinfeld.

Bringing the Naked Dress to Life

As seen on TLC’s ‘Say Yes To The Dress,’ the store was able to create a special dress that made Alexis feel like a princess. She was able to try on a netted dress that had her showing off her curves and made her feel amazing in the process. After trying the dress on, she realized it was the most sensual dress she had ever tried.

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