Dita Von Teese Pink Kitchen

The Dita Von Teese Pink Kitchen

During a visit to the Dita Von Teese Pink Kitchen in London, we learned how she incorporates glam and punk into her design. In fact, this isn’t just a pink kitchen, it’s a living room, a dining room, and a taxidermy museum.

Living room is a taxidermy museum

Until recently, taxidermy in the home was something that had fallen out of fashion. However, a growing movement among the do-it-yourself crowd in the 2000s has revived interest in taxidermy in the home.

The Wacky Taxidermy and Miniatures Museum is a small, two-room establishment that specializes in bizarre creations. Visitors can see things like Big Mouth Billy Bass, fur-bearing trout, and Fiji Mermaids.

Taxidermy is an art form that involves preparing an animal’s skin and mounting it on a fake body. It is an art form that dates back to the middle ages. In the 19th century, it became a popular way for hunters to display trophies they had found in the wild.

Today, taxidermy displays in museums are an art form that fosters an emotional connection with nature. These displays help people to learn about animals and conservation. Many of these displays have been around for centuries. They were originally used to help zoologists learn about new animals.

Dining room is a pub

Besides being a world-renowned actress, singer and costume designer, Dita Von Teese has also become a global style icon. Her style is a combination of classic pin-up and punk aesthetics. She is also an avid vintage and antique collector. Her collection includes items from flea markets, a corset worn by Natalie Wood in the film “Gypsy,” and a working phonograph.

Her Tudor Revival-style Los Angeles home is eclectic and reflects her eclectic style. The home has four bedrooms and 3,200 square feet. It was purchased five years ago. Originally, the house had white interior walls. But, Dita added a fortress-style wall and spiky vegetation wall.

The entryway of the house features a beautiful mural. It is inspired by a mural from a French gothic castle. In the living room, the color palette is bold. It is filled with taxidermy animals and antiques.

The kitchen of Dita’s home is painted a dark green hue. It has British racing green appliances and copper accents. There are also sliding cabinet doors for easy access to glassware. The green color palette is offset by golden pink elements.

Man cave

Despite being an ardent collector of antique taxidermy, Dita Von Teese’s home does not look like it’s from the 18th century. In fact, it’s a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces that seamlessly complement one another. The focal point of the house is the library, which features a red and blue color scheme, a pair of hand crafted drapes and a custom-made table that harks back to a long-gone era.

Aside from being an ardent collector of antique taxidermy, Von Teese also has an affinity for the arts. She has written two books about burlesque history and has toured the country performing burlesque shows like The Masked Dancer and Crazy Horse. She also dabbles in dressage and Pilates. She has a knack for the trinket, the best of which was a heart-shaped bowl filled with rare taxidermy birds. She also has a cat, Alistair, which she claims to be the best-kept secret in the Von Teese household.

The Dita Von Teese pink man cave is not without its faults. For starters, it’s located in the middle of Los Angeles, making it somewhat of a commute from one part of town to another. The house also features a pub-style poolhouse.

Home is a mix of goth, punk, and glam

During her childhood, Dita Von Teese was captivated by pinup imagery. She began performing striptease in the early ’90s. Since then, she’s gone on to become a global style icon, multi-hyphenate performer, and entrepreneur. She’s credited with reintroducing burlesque to the world and making it a fashion staple. She’s been featured on front covers of both male and female magazines, and has an estimated net worth of $16 million in 2021.

Dita’s home is a Tudor revival style house in the Hollywood Hills. It’s a 3,200-square-foot property that includes four bedrooms, a poolside pub, and a patio. It’s filled with vintage furnishings, artwork, and eclectic pieces.

Dita’s entryway is filled with whimsical taxidermy collections. It features murals with fantastical details, as well as torch-like standing lamps. The home is infused with rich jewel tones. It also features a “Snow White garden” inside.

The bedroom has a built-in mirror bed, a topless painting of Dita, and an antique vanity from Deco-Dence. It also features murals with inset mirrors.

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