Dj Khaled Stroller

The DJ Khaled Stroller

The DJ Khaled stroller is the perfect stroller for parents looking for a stylish stroller for their baby. It’s a bold design that’s sure to turn heads and spread positive energy. The Khaled family also designed a stylish change bag. The bright colors and bold print will make any baby a show-stopper.

The stroller has a UPF 50+ rating to provide maximum protection. It’s also designed in a tropical print that is perfect for summer. The DJ Khaled line was designed by the Grammy award-winning music mogul with his wife Nicole and their two kids. They believe that family is everything and created a line of baby gear to reflect that belief.

Inspired by the love of his children and family, the DJ Khaled stroller comes with a custom ‘We the Best’ logo on the front and a colorful jungle print on the back. The zipper even has a symbolic key, which symbolizes ‘the keys of the kingdom’. The stroller is lightweight and modular, and comes with two wheels. It also comes with a changing bag and footmuff.

The DJ Khaled stroller is one of the few baby products that will fit the style and personality of every parent. Its bold design will turn heads while spreading positive vibes. Subscribe to PEOPLE’s daily newsletter to learn more about DJ Khaled. It’s free and full of compelling human interest stories and celebrity news.

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