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DMC Co-Founder and CEO Darryl McDaniels

DMC has quickly become a respected provider of application tooling for aerospace and high-reliability electronics industries. Their tools include manual, battery-powered, electric and pneumatic crimping tools, backshell torque tools, contact insertion/removal tools as well as EMI/RFI shielding band tools.

Darryl Matthews McDaniels, commonly referred to by his stage name DMC, is an American rapper and the pioneering leader of Run-DMC hip hop group. In 2006, he released his debut solo album Checks Thugs and Rock N Roll.

Early Life and Education

McDaniels was raised as a middle-class kid from Queens and became fascinated with comic books and DJing on his brother’s turntable. By elementary school he had written four-line rhymes; by high school age his rap battles brought in crowds that blocked off hallways in front of crowds gathered to witness.

McDaniels was one of the original members of Run-DMC, an iconic hip-hop group which helped mainstream hip-hop into popular culture. Additionally, he cofounded Felix Organization which supports foster care children. Additionally, he published two memoirs including best seller King of Rock as well as being open about mental health struggles at a time when many hip-hop artists avoided showing any sign of vulnerability.

Now, this father of a young daughter hopes to use his experience to nurture Tulsa’s next generation of talent. Recently releasing his eighth album Dangerous Wayz.

Professional Career

Darryl McDaniels is an icon in hip hop music. As co-founder of DMC and first to grace both Rolling Stone magazine and MTV covers with their rap group, DMC changed popular culture forever and remains influential today. Additionally, Darryl is known as an active philanthropist supporting adoption and foster children causes.

DMC is widely known for being one of the premier suppliers of application tooling for aircraft, aerospace and high reliability electronics industries with more than seven decades of experience. Their tools have been used on virtually every Defense System, Aircraft Program, Land or Sea Going Transport System or Space Exploration Program around the globe.

Salary data comes from 112 self-reported estimates provided by employees, users, past job advertisements on Indeed and future job openings on Indeed. This estimate applies only to full-time jobs.

Achievement and Honors

DMC has been run as a family business since 1800. Jean-Henri’s vision of quality, Daniel’s manufacturing expertise, Emile’s industrial flair and Therese’s knowledge of needlecraft all laid the groundwork for what would eventually become DMC. Their recognition of embroidery thread’s rising demand combined with their dedication to quality set them apart from competitors; winning awards at massive industrial exhibitions worldwide.

DMC was stunned in 1997 to learn from his mother for the first time that he was adopted, an experience so devastating he nearly committed suicide. A song by Sarah McLachlan entitled Angel helped him recover strength, leading him to record Checks Thugs and Rock n Roll as well as write an adoption-related book and found The Felix Organization.

Personal Life

As part of Run-DMC, DMC helped introduce rap music into mainstream America. He has long advocated for its responsible use, speaking at schools and universities on this topic.

DMC’s solo album Checks Thugs and Rock n Roll includes collaborations with artists like Sarah McLachlan on her song, “Just Like Me.” Additionally, he wrote his memoir and co-founded The Felix Organization which helps foster care children.

Daniels Manufacturing in Pontiac, Michigan has received multiple government contracts over time for various services and products they provided; including brake discs for the original F-5 fighter plane and several items on the B-47 bomber; blast tubes for Nike rocket; as well as precision machine parts used by major industries including missile, aircraft and electronics industries.

Net Worth

DMC generates millions of dollars each year through his music career and brand promotion and endorsement revenue streams, amassing an impressive net worth of $52 Million which you can view by visiting 50 Cent Net Worth.

At the height of his success with Run-DMC, Darryl McDaniels was suffering from depression and an addiction to alcohol. He even began taking prescription drugs which eventually caused his voice to falter on stage, prompting him to evaluate his life further by writing an autobiography; upon learning that he was adopted he then set out searching for her.

He has now established himself in the comic industry and become an esteemed creator, with more information about his works available on his website.

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