Does Stephanie Ruhle Have Bell’s Palsy

Does Stephanie Ruhle Have Bell’s Palsy?

Whether you are a longtime fan of Stephanie Ruhle or a first-time visitor to the ‘Roseanne’ TV show, you may be wondering whether she has bell’s palsy. The answer to that question will tell you whether you can trust her or not. In this article, we’ll explore the background of the disease, its symptoms, and treatment options.


NBC’s Stephanie Ruhle has Bell’s palsy. This neurological condition affects the facial muscles on one side of the face and is usually a mild case. Symptoms usually clear up after a few weeks. She is the country’s top-producing credit derivatives salesperson.

She has a knack for the ol’ fashion statement, and she has certainly worn her hair in a variety of ways over the years. She has also appeared in a number of television shows.

Ruhle’s career spanned 14 years. She began her career in the financial industry, and later worked for NBC News. Her career highlights included becoming the country’s top-producing credit derivatives saleperson, and founding the Global Market Women’s Network at Deutsche Bank.

She was also one of the first women to hold the position of Vice President of Credit Suisse. She went on to co-host MSNBC’s The 11th Hour with Ali Velshi. She is also an NBC correspondent and a contributor to the Today show. She signed a new deal with NBCUniversal in 2020.


Symptoms of Bell’s palsy include spasming of the muscles on one side of the face. The muscles on the affected side may have difficulty raising the head or closing the eye. They may also have a dry mouth.

Bell’s palsy is caused by damage to the cranial nerve that controls the muscles on one side of the face. This nerve controls the movement of facial muscles, including the eyebrows, cheeks, mouth, and eyes. It also controls some of the taste sensations on the tongue.

The symptoms of Bell’s palsy usually start within 48 to 72 hours after the initial injury. In severe cases, the facial nerve may become permanently damaged. However, most people recover completely.

Treatments for Bell’s palsy include the use of lubricating eye patches or eyedrops. Corticosteroids can be used to reduce swelling and improve the chances of recovery. It’s important to start these treatments right away.


Having Bell’s palsy is not an uncommon occurrence, although it usually occurs to a few people for life. The most common symptom is facial muscle paralysis on one side of the face, a condition known as Bell’s palsy. In most cases, the symptoms begin to improve after a few weeks. Bell’s palsy can affect the eyes, nose and mouth, making it difficult to smile or speak.

The best thing about Bell’s palsy is that the symptoms are rarely permanent. Most people experience the effects for a few months or even a few years, but the effects will eventually go away. Having Bell’s palsy does not affect the brain. There is no known cause or cure for the disease, but there are ways to treat it.

Treatment options

NBC News senior business analyst Stephanie Ruhle has spent the past few weeks on television discussing her treatment options for Bell’s palsy. Ruhle is known for her charming personality and flawless style. In her previous life, Ruhle worked for the hedge fund industry as a credit salesperson. She also founded the Global Markets Women’s Network at Deutsche Bank, which helps women in leadership positions. However, Ruhle’s appearance has drawn speculation that she might be suffering from Bell’s palsy.

Ruhle, who has dark hair, has worn numerous hairstyles throughout her career. She has appeared on numerous television programs over the years. She has also served as a managing director for the Global Markets Senior Relationship Management department at Credit Suisse First Boston. She was also the country’s top-producing credit derivatives salesperson.

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