Doja Cat Strep Throat

Doja Cat Has Strep Throat?

The weird social media activity of Doja Cat might have led some fans to wonder if she has strep throat. She’s posted bizarre selfies and videos of herself with a sore throat. We could have easily assumed that she’d had the disease, but there are a number of possible explanations for the strange social media behavior.

While her song “Strep Throat” may not have been written to help her fight the condition, fans were able to hear the message behind it. The lyrics and song’s video were shared around the internet. While they may seem crude, they were meant to be funny and witty.

In addition to a sore throat and scratchy throat, Doja Cat’s sore throat has also affected her ability to record music. She’s been unable to go to the studio to record new songs. The illness has also caused her to take antibiotics for her infected tonsils. She also suffered from a nasty a*s growth on her left tonsil.

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