Doreen Ketchens Net Worth

Doreen Ketchens Net Worth has come a long way, from fame and notoriety, through hard work to achieve this level of success.

She has performed with bands across Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and Russia; including programs sponsored by Jazz_at_Lincoln_Center and The US Department of State. She is widely known and enjoys an enormous fan base worldwide.

Early Life and Education

Ketchens, often dubbed as “Queen Clarinet and the Female Louis Armstrong”, hails from New Orleans’ historic Treme neighborhood. At Joseph Craig Elementary school she first picked up playing clarinet when it was announced as an attempt to avoid taking an unpopular pop quiz and quickly realized she possessed a gift for it.

Ketchens has not only graced local jazz venues with her performances; she and her band have traveled internationally as part of a cultural exchange program run by the Field Band Foundation of the U.S. Department of State as well as performing at music festivals and fairs around the globe.

Lawrence (tuba and trombone), has made it his mission to educate young people in the arts and culture of New Orleans. Their daughter Dorian now plays drums in her mother’s band.

Professional Career

Doreen Ketchens is an award-winning clarinetist known for performing Dixieland and Trad Jazz music. For decades, her group has performed at concert halls, music festivals, U.S. embassies and New Orleans’ iconic Jackson Square.

Ketchens made her debut street performance debut at the corner of Royal and St. Peter streets in 1987 while running Doreen’s Sweets plate lunch eatery. Along with Lawrence (sousaphone player for Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans band), they built up an audience through daily performances come rain or shine.

Their hard work and perseverance paid off; they became internationally renowned, appearing on HBO’s Treme and national commercials and television shows, traveling extensively across multiple countries to spread New Orleans culture while celebrating New Orleans joy and culture.

Achievement and Honors

Ketchens rose to fame again in 2018 thanks to a viral video featuring her phenomenal clarinet solo of House of the Rising Sun by composer Pete Seeger. Also known as Queen Clarinet, Ketchens’ style incorporates elements of both funk and blues music into her playing.

Her street performances evoke the true spirit of traditional New Orleans jazz, while she has shared its musical heritage with audiences worldwide through programs sponsored by Jazz_at_Lincoln Center and the U.S. Department of State.

Doreen Ketchens keeps her personal and romantic life confidential, with no information available regarding possible partners at this time. Doreen is an accomplished clarinetist renowned for her stunning performances that have charmed audiences worldwide. We will keep our viewers up to date as information becomes available.

Personal Life

Doreen Ketchens is currently single and an accomplished American clarinetist with an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million. She is well known for her performances, drawing huge audiences to concerts & recitals, boasting an extensive social media following on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia & YouTube.

Ketchens and her band – better known as Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans – delight passersby on the streets of New Orleans with their lively sound and energetic performance style. Additionally, Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans have appeared at jazz festivals, music festivals, fairs and showcases around the globe, performing for four U.S. presidents as well as touring internationally and sharing traditional American jazz with South African youth through Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Field Band Foundation program.

A musician by trade, she and her husband Lawrence (an accomplished tuba and trombone player) are passionate about maintaining and sharing New Orleans culture with everyone they can. Additionally, they have given their daughter, Dorian, access to musical instruction.

Net Worth

Doreen Ketchens is an esteemed celebrity with an avid following. Known for her entertaining performances and worldwide appeal, Doreen uses social media accounts as an effective way of staying in contact with her fans and building their support base.

Ketchens has brought traditional American Jazz music around the globe through programs sponsored by Jazz@Lincoln_Center and the US Department of State. Additionally, she performs regularly at New Orleans music festivals, fairs and showcases.

Ketchens performs Dixieland and Trad Jazz music from New Orleans at the beginning of the 20th century. Ketchens has earned herself an outstanding clarinettist reputation. Her dedication has allowed her to achieve great success as an example for young people everywhere.

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