Doug Mastriano Net Worth

Doug Mastriano has raised controversial social issues during his campaign for governor. He opposed abortion and supported quarantine zones during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He has served at tactical, operational, and strategic levels in the military – from serving at the Pentagon and with NATO to his first book: Alvin York: a New Biography of America’s Greatest World War I Hero.

Early Life and Education

Doug Mastriano was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey on 2 January 1964. He holds four master’s degrees and a doctorate in history; served in the army for 30 years and now stands as a candidate for governor of Pennsylvania in 2022.

Mastriano’s controversial dissertation has been at the heart of his campaign. Academics have charged that Mastriano conducted poor research, disregarded evidence contradictory to his conclusions and dug without authorization or permits, ruining an archaeological site along the way.

Erich has promoted election conspiracy theories and attended the Jan. 6 insurrection rally despite not participating. While his zealotry may play well among conservative voters, independents, and moderate Republicans, it has only hurt him with independents and moderate Republicans; currently, state Attorney General Josh Shapiro leads in polling results.

Professional Career

Doug Mastriano joined the US Army in 1986 and served in Europe with the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment along the Iron Curtain borders of East Germany and Czechoslovakia. Later he deployed during Operation Desert Storm to liberate Kuwait from Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard forces; before later serving Washington D.C. with 3rd Infantry Division/US Army Europe.

Mastriano was elected to the Pennsylvania Senate in 2019 and represents its 33rd District, comprising all of Adams County and portions of Franklin County. Additionally, for five years prior he taught strategic studies at Carlisle US Army War College.

He has appeared as an expert witness on Tucker Carlson, C-Span and numerous national radio programs including John Batchelor Show and Eric Metaxas Show. Additionally, he authored Thunder in the Argonne: A New Biography of Alvin York published by University Press of Kentucky in 2014.

Achievement and Honors

Doug Mastriano is one of the best-known politicians in Harrisburg and Washington for his ability to connect with voters through various communication platforms such as social media sites, emails, texts and various channels. He has even appeared on Tucker Carlson Live!, C-Span and various radio programs nationwide.

Mastriano has been an outspoken supporter of President Trump, advocating his election truth theories during campaign events and attending DC’s January 6 insurrection rally. Additionally, he issued a warning of a leftist coup d’etat which could undermine democracy as part of his master’s thesis.

Mastriano was recently recognized by US Term Limits with a wood plaque to recognize his support of term limits on Congress members. US Term Limits is one of the oldest and largest pro-term limits groups.

Personal Life

Mastriano lives in Fayetteville, a small burg located in Franklin County in central Pennsylvania. He has appeared on Tucker Carlson and C-Span as well as numerous national radio programs (John Batchelor Show and Eric Metaxas Show).

He is the author of two books, including a biography of World War I hero Sergeant Alvin York. Additionally, he teaches strategic studies at the U.S. Army War College Carlisle campus.

He has made several controversial statements, such as supporting same-sex marriage legalization and advocating for deporting illegal immigrants. These views alienated independent and swing voters in 2022 gubernatorial election, where he lost to Democratic candidate Josh Shapiro by 15 points. Furthermore, he has aligned himself with advisors connected to President Donald Trump.

Net Worth

Doug Mastriano is an ex-army colonel who joined the US government in 1986 and retired 30 years later with 30 years of service. Now running for Pennsylvania Senate as representative for 33rd district he has appeared on Tucker Carlson Show, C-Span and various national radio programs such as John Batchelor Show and Eric Metaxas Show among others.

Mastriano has aligned himself with several fringe figures in his campaign, such as QAnon conspiracy theorist Jeremy Oliver and an LLC with links to Trump like American Media & Advocacy Group and public affairs firm C&M Transcontinental.

Mastriano has refused to answer media inquiries about him and has conducted his campaign through companies rather than individuals; book royalties are an integral component of his earnings.

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