Doug’s Garage

Doug’s Garage Needs Major Renovations

Doug’s Garage has been an institution in Southern Pines for nearly 48 years and continues to serve the community with pride, yet now requires significant renovation. A developer recently presented their plans for renovating this landmark to city planners of Southern Pines.

Doug’s Garage specializes in reviewing classic cars and modern vehicles. With over one million subscribers on YouTube and regular vehicle auctions hosted online, Doug’s Garage provides expert commentary.

Early Life and Education

Doug was raised with a strong work ethic and taught to understand the value of hard-earned money from an early age. Working as a chimney sweep for his livelihood allowed him to save enough for a car purchase at 21.

David brings 27 years of experience to higher education career centers and is passionate about equipping both students and alumni to find their calling. His focus includes organizing events and cultivating employer relationships in order to connect individuals to careers.

He has participated in many projects, such as a play that commemorated Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and writing several television scripts. Furthermore, his teaching career spanned decades and inspired countless students while his legacy remains mostly unnoticed by those outside the group theatre community.

Professional Career

Doug writes scripts for live television dramas and is also renowned for teaching acting classes in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Additionally, he has written numerous plays for stage productions that have won him multiple awards.

Doug and Skeeter can be seen walking down the street singing their hit tune, “Bangin’ on a Trash Can,” annoying an employee from Racoon Records before heading into their garage, where they write all their music, where a mysterious stranger shows them how he makes music out of a plunger.

Dougs Garage can expect an average salary between $63,344 to $81,628, which takes into account various factors like job role, department and location. Please keep in mind that individual salary experiences can differ considerably and these figures should only be taken as an approximate guideline.

Achievement and Honors

Doug’s business success has earned him numerous honors and awards, such as the 2021 Joseph M. Biedenbach Distinguished Service award from the Continuing Professional Development Division of the American Society for Engineering Education. Additionally, Doug serves on both Heifer International’s board and that of Positive Coaching Alliance.

His published books include Better Learning Through Structured Teaching (3rd Edition, Corwin). Additionally, he collaborated with Dr. David Fisher, Niki Frey and John Almarode on two more titles entitled Great Teaching by Design and Collective Student Efficacy.

Des Moines residents credit Doug’s work on Fleur Drive as the beginning of its green renaissance. For this project, he transformed an uninspiring concrete median into an array of planters which welcome travelers as they enter Des Moines.

Personal Life

Dougs Garage in Westport, Connecticut provides automotive repairs such as brakes, shocks, undercar repairs, emissions controls, computer analysis, exhausts and certified inspection stations. In addition, air conditioning services can also be found here as well as free estimates.

Doug and Skeeter find themselves being interviewed by the same woman who interviewed Chap Lipman at the record shop. After singing their song “Bangin’ on a Trash Can,” which greatly impresses their interviewer, they reveal they write their songs in their garage — which angers an employee at the record shop. Later, Beebe reveals to Doug that her cousin can get Jimmy Spackle to listen to their tape, making Doug extremely pleased; thus prompting him to suggest expanding their band by recruiting two drummers and an autoharp player into it.

Net Worth

Doug’s success as a car blogger demonstrates how you can follow your passion and turn it into a profitable career. He made the bold move of quitting his high-powered job with Porsche of North America so he could pursue writing automotive content online full-time.

He has written three self-published books including Plays With Cars and Bumper to Bumper as well as his online columns, featuring personal automotive anecdotes from his life.

Doug owns an estimated total car collection worth $3 million. Additionally, he makes significant money through YouTube subscriptions, book sales and commissions from new business bids on Cars and Bids. Doug currently resides in Philadelphia with his wife and their dog Noodle.

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