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Duffy Returns to Social Media After a Two-Year Absence

Singer Duffy has come back to social media after a nearly two-year absence. The ‘Mercy’ chart-topper has resurfaced with ‘passing thoughts’ on her Instagram. The singer, who first went public with her hit single in 2008, posted an image of herself looking into the distance and included a sun emoji. In the space of eight posts, Duffy wrote about sun, attraction, history, music, and more.

Duffy’s reemergence has been greeted with warm comments on social media. Her Instagram account was flooded with heart emojis and fans welcomed the singer with open arms. In 2011, Duffy announced that she would be taking a break from music. The break is believed to have come as a result of the underperformance of her second album.

Duffy first made headlines in 2008 with her hit single ‘Mercy.’ She later released her second LP ‘Endlessly.’ During the nine-year hiatus, Duffy suffered horrific abuse. Since her return to music, she has been doing her best to get back on track.

In 2011, Duffy took a break from the music industry, sharing her story on social media. The actress said she was not sure when to share it, but the decision to talk about it felt like a liberating moment. In 2009, Duffy won a Grammy for best pop vocal. Then, she was nominated for best new artist. In 2010, she released her album ‘Endlessly.’ Since then, she’s largely stayed out of the public eye.

Duffy’s social media accounts are sparse. She hasn’t posted anything on her Instagram account since November 2017. It’s unclear whether or not she has hidden some of her posts. Her official Facebook page is also sparse, but it does have a few posts of hers. But, fans cried out for the singer to come out of hiding. Hopefully, the new album will show the world what Duffy has been through.

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