Duggar Pickles

The Duggar Family’s Obsession With Pickles

The Duggar family is well-known for their love of pickles. They even wrap them up as gifts and put them on pizza. On their website, James Duggar has posted his recipe for homemade pickles. They also joke about drinking pickle juice. The pickle tradition is a huge part of the Duggar family’s Christmas celebration. They do not have a Christmas tree, but the whole family shares gifts of all sorts, including pickles.

The Duggar family’s pickle-eating habit started early. Back in 2015, when Jason Duggar was just 15 years old, he posted the recipe on their family blog. He also wrote that “Life isn’t pickles and hairspray” – a quote from the Jim Bob episode. The recipe has been spread throughout the internet and a Facebook page has even been created with the same name. It claims to talk about the Duggars, Evangelicals, and politics. The page has gained a significant following and a Reddit thread has been created by fans.

The Duggar family is known for their strange quirks – they won’t kiss before marriage and refuse to celebrate Halloween – but one thing is certain: they love pickles. In fact, the obsession is well-documented. On National Pickle Day, the Duggar family asked followers to share their favorite pickles.

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