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In recent days, fans have been catching Dylan Dryer in various social media platforms. His ‘Beyonce Challenge’ has made waves on social media. It is a dance challenge that involves a certain dance move and was inspired by Beyonce’s Coachella appearance. Dylan is also a host of a show called ‘Earth Odyssey’ that allows him to film animals around the world. The show aims to entertain and educate people about different topics.

Recently, the Today Show host shared his story of overcoming secondary infertility. After having a miscarriage, Dylan Dreyer was diagnosed with a low egg count. After consulting her OB/GYN, she was referred to a fertility specialist. The specialist then discovered that her uterus was two-thirds scarred shut. Dylan Dreyer then had surgery to remove the scar tissue and conceived a healthy baby.

In addition to co-hosting NBC’s Today 3rd hour, Dylan Dreyer also appears on Weekend Today and MSNBC. Dylan and his wife have three sons. Dylan has also revealed on social media that she wrote a children’s book, Misty the Cloud.

The couple had three kids in their NYC apartment. The children were sleeping in bunk beds with safety bars. The other two children slept in a crib near the window. The home was nearly perfect when the couple moved in. However, the house did need a few small repairs. The house is now practically perfect.

In addition to her career, Dylan Dreyer has been working on Today for nearly a decade. She once said the job changed her life. On Wednesday, the family reunited. She joined the show as a weekend host and later moved to the third hour. She is now working alongside Al Roker and Sheinelle Jones.

Dylan Dreyer is an engineer who loves to hike. He also shares two nicknames with TODAY’s Dylan, Dilly Dill Pickle. The show’s Al Roker has cited the similarities between him and Brian Fichera in their character, but Dylan said it was funny.

Dylan Dreyer married Brian Fichera in 2012. The couple has three children. The couple also purchased a three-bedroom residence in Manhattan. They had previously lived in a 750-square-foot apartment. The couple has three boys together. The couple is also a proud father. Their children have been surrounded by a large circle of friends.

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