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Love After Lockup – Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady

Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman appeared on Love After Lockup for two seasons. Sadly, the couple did not last long on the show and broke up after season two. Both Clint, and Tracie struggled to stop their substance abuse. Tracie, who had previously been in a relationship with a drug addict, admitted to buying her new boyfriend meth before he was released. The two eventually cut their usage down to once a week.

Love After Lockup follows the lives of couples who met while in prison and reunite after being released. These couples are followed as they meet new friends, date and share first-time moments together. It is a realistic look at the effects of incarceration on a relationship. On July 17, 2020, Love After Lockup will release a new episode. Find out where to watch Love After Lockup right now!

After his first love, Clint was arrested. It was an inmate pen-pal program that allowed Clint and Tracie to reconnect. They were married within a few short weeks, but Tracie was arrested two days later. She did not report a speeding ticket this time to the parole officer. She could have spent two more years behind bars. Clint paid for a lawyer to help her escape prison, even though the relationship ended in divorce.

After Tracie and Clint’s breakup, Tracie’s daughter, Gen, was devastated by the news that their marriage had ended. Tracie wanted her ring and clothes back. But when the news of the relapse hit the media, she filed for divorce by default. Clint added a temporary restraining order to her paperwork the next day, stopping Tracie from speaking about him. Whether Tracie and Clint will finally reunite, it remains to be seen.

As we all know, drug addiction is a serious problem for Clint Brady. He had a previous relationship, with Tracie, with Gen Bailey. While they were doing well for a while, Clint relapsed on multiple occasions within the last few weeks. It appears that the two of them have found love again. Clint even reconnected with a woman he had met in jail despite his arrest.

The love after lockup movie ended in tragedy for Tracie Wagaman. She had separated from Clint Brady, who was incarcerated while she was released. Although the couple was married, the relationship did not last long. Clint Brady applied for divorce while in prison. Tracie had a second child with Luke Loera, but he was arrested in Las Vegas, 2021. He is facing a felony charge.

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