Edrick Adams

Edrick Adams

Edrick Adams was born May 26th 2001 in Jackson Mississippi and passed away April 26th 2022 aged 20. He left behind one child Malachi Dentris Whitney whom we mourn with our condolences on this memorial page. We welcome anyone to share memories or leave messages here as this page provides a place for mourning family and friends to express their sorrow for his passing.

Police believe Edrick Adams to be connected with two recent business robberies on Woodrow Wilson Avenue – at Caniceria Valdez Market and AutoZone respectively. Adams can be seen on surveillance videos at both locations.

Early Life and Education

Edrick Adams was born May 26th 2001 in Jackson Mississippi to Tammy Adams and Latrell Thompson and went to Provine High School. Edrick loved spending time with his family as well as collecting money and talking on the phone.

At first, he worked both as a photographer and journalist for various newspapers, covering 13 wars during that period and winning the Pulitzer Prize in 1969 for one such photograph showing General Nguyen Loan executing a Vietcong prisoner on Siagon Street. Subsequently, he joined Philadelphia Evening Bulletin staff before eventually moving to New York City. There he founded Barnstorm workshop for photographers as well as keeping an archive consisting of photographs, negatives, slides, audio materials and diaries.

Achievement and Honors

Hedrick has won six world championship medals – four gold and two silver – over six championship seasons, as well as several unofficial world records that were later broken by others.

At Provine High School in Jackson, Mississippi where he played football, he earned all-conference and honorable mention all-area recognition as a senior, catching 35 passes for 872 yards and 12 touchdowns en route to becoming all-conference and honorable mention all-area recipient and also became part of Provine High School Hall of Fame.

Hedrick was passionate about money, sports and making phone calls; as well as an avid follower of American Idol.

Personal Life

With sadness in our hearts, we wish to inform you of Edrick Adams’ passing. A beloved father, son and brother; his family and friends respectfully request your privacy at this difficult time.

Jackson Police are searching for 20-year-old Edrick Adams in connection with two recent business robberies in Jackson. Adams may have been involved in taking part in incidents at both Waffle House on Beasley Road and Family Dollar store on Terry Road.

Edrick Adams was born May 26th 2001 to Tammy and Latrell Adams in Jackson Mississippi and is their first born of two. As well as playing football for Provine High School, Edrick enjoys spending time with family, money and phone conversations.

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