Elaine Lucas

Elaine Lucas Senior Center

Elaine Lucas Senior Center provides recreation for anyone over 50. Located at Carolyn Crayton Park in Macon-Bibb County, this facility serves as the centerpiece of its parks and recreation department.

Her work explores issues surrounding women’s bodies and gender identities using humor, irony, and sexual euphemisms – often using cigarettes either literally as material or symbolically as an emblematic device.

Early Life and Education

Elaine was known for her incredible cooking and her welcoming hospitality; no one ever turned down an invitation into her home or heart. Additionally, Elaine held great regard for her community and would take every opportunity to give back.

Elaine was raised on a farm near Townsend MT where she learned early the value of hard work and family values as well as caring for each other.

County policies encourage employees to use social media accounts with an accompanying disclaimer that states, “Any views expressed herein are solely those of the individual and do not represent those of either their department or MBCG.” However, elected officials like Lucas and Commissioner Joe Allen are exempt from these regulations.

Professional Career

Elaine devotes much of her practice to counseling human resource managers and executives on day-to-day employee issues and steps they can take to limit employment-related litigation and claims. Additionally, she represents employers before administrative bodies such as Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Elaine made her West End stage return in 2012 in Stephen Sondheim’s Follies to critical acclaim from press and audience alike, later playing this same role on Broadway to sold out audiences.

Elaine Paige continues to make waves with her weekly BBC Radio 2 show Elaine Paige on Sunday which continues to delight listeners worldwide. Additionally, Elaine supports various charities through volunteering efforts.

Achievement and Honors

Elaine Lucas was honored with Employee of the Month honors at EGRMC in 2012. Her exceptional work ethic, team support abilities and compassionate caregiving skills set her apart from her colleagues.

She was one of the founding members of Bibb County Voters Registration and Education League as well as being active with Women’s Political Organization, Democratic Women of Bibb County, NAACP and SCLC – serving Reverend Jesse Jackson at his 1984 Democratic Convention delegate role.

In 2018, she received a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship and was honored by her alma mater as a Distinguished Alumni. Additionally, President Obama presented her with a National Medal of the Arts alongside George Lucas, Tony Kushner, and Herb Alpert at a White House ceremony.

Personal Life

Elaine Lucas is married to state representative David Lucas and has four children (one deceased), nine grandchildren and 30 years of membership at Steward Chapel AME Church where she serves on both their Usher Board and is Chairperson for their Social and Political Action Committee.

Lucas is also a founding member and president of the Women’s Political Organization of Macon County, trustee for Bibb County Voters Registration and Education League and member of Bibb Democratic Executive Committee.

Some citizens who contacted our newsroom about Lucas’s post expressed displeasure with elected officials sharing such material on social media; however, Macon-Bibb County spokespersons confirmed there are no policies limiting how elected officials use their personal social media accounts.

Net Worth

With just a modest income, she has amassed a net worth of $5 Million through business and investments. Additionally, she is known for her social work in nursing.

She is married to Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook and investor in numerous start-up companies. Together they have one son. They currently reside in Singapore.

Raffles Girls’ School and Tufts University were two prestigious schools she attended in Singapore, according to reports. Both her parents were wealthy individuals who may own businesses in Indonesia; she may have family businesses there herself as well. Her physical characteristics are slim yet well maintained: 5 feet 6 inches in height with 60 kg on her frame. Her hair color is blonde while hazel brown eyes complete her look for charm.

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