Elijah Schiff

Elijah Schiff – American Social Media Personality

Elijah Schiff is the son of American politician and attorney Adam Schiff and Eve Schiff, born July 2002 in the United States with one sister Lexi Schiff. He holds American nationality with white ethnicity background.

He attended Stanford University and Harvard Law School, graduating with distinction. Later, he ran unsuccessfully for California State Assembly but ultimately lost to Republican James Rogan.

Early Life and Education

Elijah Schiff was born in July 2002 and is an American social media influencer and the son of well-known American politician Adam Schiff. Adam Schiff currently serves as U.S. Representative, having previously held various California State Senate roles from 1996-2000.

His mother Eve Schiff is an established social worker and table tennis player; in addition, she oversees her own charity.

Schiff’s daughter Alexa attended Winston Churchhill High School where she excelled as an enthusiastic cheerleader and participated in community service projects. After graduating in 2016 and attending Northwestern University for college.

Family is of Jewish faith; her paternal grandparents are Ed and Sherry Schiff and Lexu Schiff is her sister’s name.

Professional Career

Lifelong learner, Schiff’s fascination with the world has propelled his success in politics and law. After attending Stanford University for his bachelor’s in political science degree and Harvard Law School for his Juris Doctor degree, he went on to serve as Professor Laurence Tribe’s research assistant further deepening his legal knowledge.

In 1996, he embarked on his legislative career, winning election to California State Senate for California’s 21st district. From day one, he demonstrated his leadership capabilities by serving on various committees such as Judiciary and Select Juvenile Justice committees of the California Senate. Through Congress he has helped shape policy on issues from technology to healthcare to environmental conservation; with an emphasis on improving public safety throughout California Foothills communities.

Achievement and Honors

Schiff has long championed progressive causes. Additionally, he has worked diligently to increase transparency and accountability within government – serving on both the House Judiciary Committee and currently chairing its Select Committee on Intelligence.

He has also collaborated with members of the Armenian community in an attempt to bring recognition of the 1915-17 Armenian genocide. On one occasion he even delivered an entire speech in Armenian on the House floor and worked with System of a Down to push for official acknowledgement of this atrocity.

He is married to Eve, with whom he shares two children. One daughter, Alexa “Lexi” Schiff is currently serving as senior editor at STITCH magazine and an intern for Special Projects Media; she graduated Winston Churchill High School and Northwestern University.

Personal Life

Not limited to his political work, Schiff also invests in business ventures. He owns shares in Special Projects Media, an organization which produces video content. Furthermore, he’s an avid reader who particularly enjoys political novels and memoirs.

Adam Schiff and Eve share two children together: Alexa Marion and Elijah. They met each other while playing tennis on February 19, 1990 before marrying five years later on February 19, 1995.

She was raised Catholic while Schiff is Jewish; nevertheless, they live peacefully together and celebrate both Christian and Jewish holidays together. Additionally, she supports her husband’s political aspirations while doing voluntary work. Additionally, she boasts a great sense of humor as an excellent tennis player and boasts modest height and weight.

Net Worth

Adam Schiff’s net worth is estimated to be an estimated $2 Million. As a congressman with an impressive portfolio and investing strategy, Adam works tirelessly for his constituents and serves them well.

He earned his high school diploma in Danville, California before going on to Stanford University where he received a BA in political science. From there he went onto Harvard Law School where he graduated honors-free in 1985.

After receiving his law degree, he worked as a clerk for Judge William Matthew Byrne Jr of the US District Court for California’s Central District and as staff attorney in his office.

His daughter Lexi is very close to him. Adam Schiff, his father, is an influential American politician and lawyer who has served in Congress since 2001.

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