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Emerson Jack Kelly

Emerson Manufacturing designs, develops, and sells professional maintenance shop service equipment. Specializing in air hydraulic jacks and lifts for air hydraulic systems as well as farm service jacks and safety lifting equipment made in America, this American-based manufacturer also manufactures its products for other markets around the globe.

In 1928, Jack Emerson opened a small shop at 15 Brattle Street in Cambridge where he worked on various mechanical devices including an artificial respirator that improved on the original Drinker lung design.

Early Life and Education

Jack Kelly worked his way through college working variously as a shoe salesman, gas station clerk, lifeguard, grocery store delivery boy and men’s clothing salesman – while never losing his passion for acting which eventually led him into musical theatre and television acting roles.

Emerson Manufacturing is a family-owned business founded in 1960 that has specialized in designing and producing professional maintenance shop service equipment since that time. Their products include air jacks, air hydraulic axle jacks and farm service jacks that are proudly made in the USA with strong dedication towards customer satisfaction.

Chance Emerson ‘23.5 had previously established himself primarily as an acoustic singer-songwriter; however, recently his live shows have begun taking new directions, opening for critically-acclaimed band Lawrence at Providence’s Fete Music Hall.

Professional Career

Emerson enjoyed an exceptional professional tennis career, winning multiple titles and reaching as high as No.1 worldwide. A versatile player, he excelled on both fast and slow courts alike; serving and volleying were two additional skills that gave him an edge against opponents.

Emerson is not only a music producer but also a widely published novelist with several novels published under his name. His writing has won praise from both literary and popular publications alike for being both poetic and accessible; with books covering topics as diverse as sports and politics written by him.

His best known work, however, is his collection of short stories published in “Heads or Tails”. These tales illustrate his skill as a writer while creating memorable characters with unique traits and traits.

Achievement and Honors

Haverford celebrated legacies while also looking ahead with optimism to an exciting era of new beginnings during this weekend. Commencing on Founders Green was held to acknowledge traditions while opening doors for future successes.

Jack holds 35 patents for his medical devices, such as pleural suction pumps; rocking beds; oxygen tents; rescue resuscitators; oxygen flow valves and mechanical in-exsufflation systems. Additionally, he invented various military equipment like US army flow valves and scuba gear.

Michael Bent of Marlboro Institute for Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies received the Helaine and Stanley Miller Award for Excellence in Teaching. Michael has taught various classes such as Why Did the Chicken? Fundamentals of Comedic Storytelling and Comedy Writing: Stand Up.

Personal Life

Emmerson Jack was an enthusiastic skier. With his family he could often be found skiing at Winter Park/Mary Jane in Colorado. Emerson also enjoyed traveling and was considered an early pioneer of biomedical device development for respiratory equipment.

His most famous achievement was an improvement to the Drinker lung that was quieter, lighter and more efficient than its original design.

Emerson was also an accomplished musician. He played bass for Jason and the Scorchers, who combined Hank Williams-inspired country music with rock & roll energy. Later he established Praxis, one of Nashville’s premier artist development and management enterprises. Emerson passed away peacefully at age 91 on February 16, 1997, leaving behind his wife and five children as his legacy.

Net Worth

Emerson has seen tremendous success from Lost, along with subsequent work in other projects, amassing an impressive net worth – one worth an estimated $10 Million from his acting career alone.

Emerson has proven his creativity via online entertainment, with 1 Million Instagram Followers and 19,500 Twitter Followers. Additionally, he publishes on his own YouTube channel with Max’s Underpants as his go-to comedy series.

Emerson Manufacturing’s products specialize in professional maintenance shop service equipment for shop services like air hydraulic axle jacks and safety lifting devices – made entirely in America – to help ensure customer satisfaction is their primary goal.

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