Emmanuel Bernard

Emmanuel has extensive experience reorganizing companies. He frequently assists HR Directors with handling works council information consultation procedures, professional elections and employee transfers for complex projects.

Emanuel announced his decision not to extend his life beyond 75 and that many who take this path “fear death less than they fear a slow decline”.

Early Life and Education

Emanuel was just 10 when his family left East Prussia for Tasmania. Though there was no formal education here, Emanuel received some reading and basic math education through reading books available through a lending library at Bismarck Seventh-day Adventist church; Roy remembers him fondly as an avid reader who studied his Bible daily.

He worked as a colporteur, traveling door-to-door selling religious and health books published by the S.D.A. He could discuss them with thoughtful customers while learning a great deal from them.

On top of his daily work duties, he and his family regularly participated in family worship services – this didn’t last for too long, but included reading from the Bible and praying as a family.

Professional Career

As part of his career, Emmanuel Bernard has contributed to various open source projects and regularly speaks at conferences and JUGs. Additionally, he hosts podcasts such as Les Cast Codeurs. Additionally, Emmanuel Bernard has earned multiple certifications: Java Champion at Red Hat as well as Senior Distinguished Engineer status.

Mr. Smith is widely acknowledged as an authority on labor and employment law. His experience includes landmark M&A deals as well as extensive collective labor relations expertise. Furthermore, his forte lies in handling all labor and employment aspects associated with complex restructuring projects.

He and his family are deeply committed to volunteering, having supported over 15 programs that assist children with developing their skills. His main desire is to motivate today’s youth the same way his mother did for him, with no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

Achievement and Honors

Young Harris had an outlandish dream of becoming an astronaut. However, with encouragement from his mother Gussie he persevered to achieve it and eventually went on to win multiple Grammy awards as both pianist and with Yo-Yo Ma. Additionally he published two books and is an influential presence in New York cultural and civic life.

Harris has received many honors and awards, such as the Abraham Berliner Prize in Jewish History. Additionally, he was presented with both Minnie Weiss Halpern Memorial Education Award and Fanny Schneyer Education Award; among many other academic and philanthropic accolades. Furthermore, Harris is an enthusiastic jazz player; having played the tenor saxophone for over thirty years!

Personal Life

He continues to do charity work, particularly aimed at the development of young children. His student engagement work is of great significance as he wishes to inspire today’s youth much as his mother did when motivating him. Additionally, he enjoys playing tenor sax in local jam sessions as much as possible and taking any opportunity he gets to make music!

Traveler by nature, he has visited multiple countries and continents over his lifetime. A strong family man, his wife and daughter always come first in his thoughts; his positive outlook never lets anything get him down; driven to accomplish goals set before him he’s always eager to set new ones!

Net Worth

Ari Emanuel boasts an estimated net worth of $450 Million and serves as co-CEO of William Morris Endeavor (WME), one of the premier talent agencies. Known for representing high-profile clients such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Charlize Theron.

Emanuel has also served on the board of Freddie Mac and earned at least $320,000 during this time, through stock sales. Additionally, he owns real estate investments throughout Beverly Hills as well as elsewhere.

Ezekiel Emanuel is married to Sarah Hardwick Addington and shares three sons with her. He is the brother of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and former Israeli Prime Minister Ezekiel Emanuel; as well as being an active member of the Jewish Council on Foreign Relations.

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